I am sorry Sailoria/Sailor Scouts but your guild got way to big for tiny me. It is an awesome guild, of course! But I prefer the small, cosy and close before the large and amazing - always has.

So today I got an invitation to join Starrfire7’s guild *Twin Starrs* and after learning that her idea of a nice guild suited my own so very well I gladly accepted.

I started off by asking them to help me clean out my warehouse.
-Thank you Ghost for carrying the heaviest load, what would I do without you!
Suddenly my farm got invaded by my very first vistors.


And before we knew it, we got joined by Tidesong. So of course, we needed to fix new screenies!
-Come on, squeeze together now


Oh dear, this wont do…
-Hey, you aren’t whispering guild secrets without me now, are you?


-Yes, this is better, faces towards the camera and say “Chees…” Ghost! No hiding in the plants!


Finally! And Bubbles even got in on a corner. This is going in the album.

Thank you for inviting me to you cosy guild, hope to see you all soon again. Who’s farm will it be next? I’ll bring cookies!

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  1. Yeah! Thanks for joining my guild :) May we have many more fun times in HKO!

  2. Thanks for all the stuff! Glad you joined! =)

  3. Yay!!

  4. cool ^^ have fun!

  5. what are the requirements to join starrfire’s guild?

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