Got the key!

Been playing practically the whole day, but it payed of. The key is now mine. Special thanks to Tree for helping me get the Roasted Vegetables Book.

New York Quest

You know you’re addicted to HKO when…

it’s suddenly 6.30pm and you realise that you haven’t even had breakfast yet!

Oh, yes. That just happened to me, no lie! Hmm.. I think I need to go make me something to eat. In the meantime, why don’t you post your own stories of how you know your addicted to HKO, right here.

In-game Maintenance announcement


And I who’d just woken up to play.. Oh, well ^_^
 The patch started and we could get in, thought it was done, but

So let’s get outta there again, come on now *shoo, shoo*

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