Bubbles and Sailoria

Meet my new friend Bubbles!


He was a gift from NPC-Anthony, cute, isn’t he? I took him for a long walk, showing him London and Florapolis and it’s surroundings. But when passing the Leopards, we decided to hide, since Cur’s have a bad history with Leopards.


I also showed him my farm, which is now our farm. 
Told him how I started off by planting big trees infront of my Strawberries. Turned out you can’t harvest what you can’t see.
Nope, no screenies from that event, I was too busy feeling dumb to remember I’d be blogging about it.


Oh, did you notice in the last pic? I’m now in a guild! Sailor Scouts is reformed but with a slightly different name. Yes, it was a mistake. No, we can’t change it. But, I like it!


Maintenance, houses and New York

Just woke up and logged in first thing. Only to be greated by this announcement:


But that gave me a reason to check the mail while waiting. And there we had a newsletter! Yayie ^_^
They had listed 2 “Coming Soon”s that I really enjoyed reading.
The first one was about housing, which I’m very thrilled about.

“After explosive popular demand, we are now working double time to get houses ready for everyone. Houses will return to the game just as soon as we finish balancing house building requirements and we finish checking the home decoration system. Expect to see Housing make its comeback before the last week of October.”

The second was about New York!

“The Big Apple is coming to SanrioLand and you can help to build it!  Players who participate in this momentous in-game event will have a chance to be immortalized in Hello Kitty Online’s super-cute version of the city that never sleeps, New York !  Stay tuned for more details. Warning: this event is imminent! Do not miss it!”New York

Doesn’t it sound exciting? I can only hope the event wont take place while I’m at work!

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