The BunnyWinx method

Guess what? A solution has been found to the error some of the Singaporeans experienced. Whitensilver and RainyG told us about the manual patching. Me and Starrfire7 decided to try it out. We didn’t know what files we were supposed to be overwriting so I started grabbing and sending by chance. Finally she got past the AutoUpdate and I was thrilled!

But then started problem number two… She kept getting “Server Disconnected”. Me and Ripplecloud was in my chat room, encouraging her on to try again and again, and still nothing happened. I decided it was time for desperate methods, so….

The BunnyWinx method

So me and Ripple rushed to the harbour to meet up with her. Ripple had even harder troubles than me to get through the Portals, so me and Starrs choose a good screenie-spot while we where waiting.

While arraging our group-pic, GM-Calealen stopped by to congratulate Starrs for finally getting in.

arranging screenie

And then we talked for a while before the servers shut down. (We’ll I guess they did as we were all kicked out at once)


But before that, we were joined by RainyG who also wanted to congratulate Starrs for getting in.

Now we’re just waiting for msmisery to join us in the chat so we can get her in too!

My friends are my heroes

You remember how BunnyWinx dragged me into Founders’ Beta, when I thought I’d be left behind? And then we have Ripplecloud who gave me and still feed me so much eyecandy with her blogings about CB.

They are both my heroes, and yesterday I got a third one. Bellkana did nothing but help me all day long! I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now without her.

For starters she helped me fight of the Scorpions, so I could take the insane one without dying. I had been trying to finish that quest for ages before she turned up and made it so simple for me.

Then I accidentally found her when I needed a safe place to rest. Turns out she was in the need of the same thing so then we fought some monsters together and she helped me finish another one of my quests.

And to finish the whole thing off, she told me how to make some more money (I only knew we could make money from the quests).

Bellkie is such a sweet and generous person, I feel blessed to have met her. And where would I be without my friends?  Thanks guys, I do love ya’ll!

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