I got up at 4am and practically spent my whole free day infront of the computer yesterday. About 14 hours in total, just playing Hello Kitty Online. Insane?

Well, yes. And proud of it!

So what happened, what do I remember, what did I think?

Let’s start from the beginning. I got up at about 3:45 am since the game would be opening it’s doors at 4am. That didn’t quite happen. With everyone trying to get in at once, we ended up locking ourselves out. Thankfully I got most of my friends all crumbled up in my chat and I still had fun during the 1½ hour wait.

Finally people started to be able to get in and one by one got past the server-chanel choice. Myself started panicking but was quickly calmed down by BunnyWinx who dragged me along with them. Yes, she literally dragged me along and *pof* I was in. It was total, pink bliss!

Went through all the rooms, and in my amazement I totally forgot to take screenies. I just started running along, doing quests and exploring. As you’ve already seen I then woke up from the pink haze and started screenshooting.

I met up with friends ingame just like we had said we would
Ripplecloud met up with some of her old friends from CB at the same time.

And I watched everything as closely as possible, squinting at the screen to see the details I so wanted to zoom in on.

Still haven’t got to Paris though, but… I’ll get there. I just need to focus some more on not getting knocked over by the monsters and finishing the quests of Florapolis. And maybe add some patience to my overflowing curiosity.

And what did I think? I loved it of course! This is so my newest addiction and I only wish I had one more free day to spend on HKO. I’ll be working through the weekend, but don’t ask me how I’m gonna concentrate cause I doubt I’ll be able to.

3 Responses to “First day of Founders’ - let’s recap”

  1. Eeks! You took a picture of me in my underwear! :O

  2. We got the same screenshot of us sitting together! XD I’m spending absurd amounts of time playing HKO, too, so don’t be ashamed!

  3. ripplecloud Oops.. ddn’t even think of that with all the people running around in their underwear. XD
    bunnywinxYeah, I saw that :P
    And I’m just wishing I could play even more. Bellkana seems to be sooo far ahead, I just feel lost in comparison XD

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