Oh, I know, I’ve been busy blogging today… Well, it’s first day of FB, what do you expect? I’m just so excited! 

Let’s start with a warning. If you want to discover London by yourself, don’t read this. Cause this contains some screenies of London.

Here comes my first visit to *drumroll*
Looondo… O_o wait, what?
Londan?… Now, that can’t be right, I’d better ask a native… Oh, there’s one!
“Goodday, fine gentleman!”
… thank you.
(this is a very confused town)

Anyways, lets start the London-trip of well. I wanna see my farm!
my farm
Oh, isn’t that cosy? My own little pond and everything. This will be perfect for my strawberry seeds! I just wish I could get a house on there too, but I guess I’ll have to sleep with the horse.

Time to get out and explore!
Charmmy Kitty! Well, I’m sold, London’s my favourite now!

I didn’t dare enter to many buildings as we were having troubles with the portals. Didn’t wanna end up half in, half out. But here are 2 more pics from my first trip. Enjoy!


*cough* ooooh, what is that? *cough*

I hope you enjoyed your first trip to London as much as I did mine. =^..^=

Screenies and Guildnews

Hey, wait, what? I got the screenies? Ripplecloud, 4 screenies does not qualify! I’ll need to fix that.

But for starters, some news about Guilds, here is an announcement from GM_RoAN:


And on with the screenies then…

When going beyond Florapolis the monsters starts getting tougher. The Boars will simply attack you if you go anywhere near them. Fiesty critters! So it’s better to hide as best you can.

You can’t see me!

Once you’ve gotten through all the rooms with Sanrio Characters who tells you all you need to know about the game, you’ll end up in the harbour. And seeing how there’s now only 1 channel on the server, prepare for a heavy crowd!

But now I really need to get back to Florapolis and finish Latte’s quest. See ya!

System Maintenance

Was hanging out with Freedomdeep, trying to get through South Dream Forest without getting knocked down by the boars. FD was going to West Dream Forest, but couldn’t get through so we joined forces.

While we were resting for the last run, Kev made an announcement.


So I’ll see you in about 2 hours then. Maybe I should consider getting something to eat after 8 hours of playing…
O_o has it really been that long? Time flies when you’re having fun for sure!


The game has begun!

It was a long wait. Got up at 4am and finally about 1½ hours later I could get in. I was happy to see that my chat reached a new record of 10 people while we were trying to get in. Some of us are still in here.


But I’ve made my character (noliai) and thought I’d show her off. I would have loved to have red hair, but I could only choose between 3 hairstyles which all came with specific colours, so I decided for the short hair. Maybe we’ll be able to change the colour later on?


Now I’ll continue on with my quests. If you run by me ingame, don’t forget to say hi. And leave your IGN’s in my comments so I can add you all to my buddylist!

Shamrock quest

 The thing I was most looking forward too.. houses…


3:54 am

Oh, yes…

It’s 3:54 am and I’m up. @_@

Don’t ask me how it happened, I’m pretty confused at the moment…

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