Chat record

Today when I opened up my chat I found no less than 4 people already in there! So with me, we got to be 5 and that is certainly a new record.


There has been some problems with the chat though for some people. And sometimes it looses connection. So from a tip by Bellkana, I’ve set up an alternative chat room to use if that starts to happen during your chatting. Just use the top-link on the chat page in that case.

The Tutorial is available!

Well, I think it is, it’s in colour and mine is currently loading. Go to the download page or simply click the image to see it:


Hey! I know that blog, that’s sugar-trip


The download is complete

I left the download running when I went to sleep yesterday. Which of course meant that I could wake up to the last step - installation. Comparing to the download the installation was done in an instant. And now I can see my very own login screen.

I’ve been browsing through the folders searching for more stuff. Couldn’t listen to the music, like BunnyWinx can, but at least I’ve heard all the sounds. And you’ve seen the intro, haven’t you? I’ve also been listening to the login-music which isn’t too cute and annoying, but relaxing and pretty. Me likes.

Here are my screenies of the login and failure of entering.


Now I’ll just be munchin on chocolate covered oreo’s (my newest addiction) and watching my countdown.


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