Got some free time? Stop by!

It’s sunday and I’m free from work. Which, of course, means that I’m in my chat room. I’ve been chatting with Starrfire7 which, as always, have been fun since she can tell me all this great stuff about HKO and CB.

Got some free time to? Want to waste some of it on a meaningless, but fun, chat? Come in and join us, the more the merrier!

 Now ripplecloud has joined us too, what are you waiting for?

Swedish IDOL 2008

Every season I’m following the swedish IDOL. This year it includes someone that I sort of know. Not know personally, but I’ve seen him and know who he is. We grew up in the same tiny town and went to the same school (he was in my sisters year, but not the same class).

I’m not surprised to see him in IDOL, when we grew up you could always see him perform with their band and stuff. And now he’s gone and made it to the top 11, the big group that will compete on the big scene to become the swedish IDOL 2008.

I might not be objective in my opinion but I think he’s one of the best in the group, and I always vote for him and Alice Svensson. What do you think?

Robin Eriksson:

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