Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!


Ok, in Sweden it isn’t really November 1st yet, but whatever. I was so happy to meet Choco in Florapolis! I’ve been looking for him everywhere. Only the happiness didn’t last long cause he told me that there was no birthday cake for Hello Kitty!


Of course, that can’t be so I ran straight to see Thomas in East Dream Forest for help.


Yeah.. much of a help he was. He gave me the recipe and just left me with it.
-Great! Now I’m the party baker.
Oh, well, there’s nothing more to do then run to the store for the ingredients. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one shopping. I mean, ok it’s Kitty’s birthday, but haven’t you planned ahead? Buying the birthday gifts this late is kinda… well, ok, I won’t say anything. *cough* unorganised *cough*


Anyhow.. I saved the day by baking the cake and of course it turned out to be amazingly tasty!

-Hey, don’t spit it out in your napkin, it isn’t that bad!

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

The party was amazing! Well, it still is. We’ll party til noon and further, come join us! Here are some of my party-pics:

HK and Daniel

Badtz and Mimmy


Twin Starrs

For more info about the Hello Kitty Event, go here.

Hello … Kitty?

Ok, I must be really ill, cause I am seeing things!

We all know that Kitty is in London, celebrating her birthday. So how come I saw her in Florapolis? Running around with what I can only imagine is a friend of hers. They were both to busy chatting and running somewhere to stop and answer my questions. Anyone who can help me out here? What is Hello Kitty doing outside of London? Am I simply just seeing things? Fever-dreams?

Hello Kitty?

*aaah… aaah… choo!*

Yup,  I feel a cold coming.. and I’m not happy about it.

It’ll be fine though, as long as I don’t get high fever I can still work and pay the bills. Now I need to get some sleep.

Busy, busy, busy

…and wimsy, wimsy, wimsy (please tell me the spelling of that)

The last couple of days has been really weird. I’ve got lots of work suddenly and of course that makes me even more weird than usual. To start it off, I went to the wrong workplace last week. Oh, yes, I did.

I had 4 hours of work and I couldn’t figure out why they hadn’t witten me down on the schedule. Neither could anyone else. But since I’ve got the hours from someone they gave me something to do for about 4 hours. When I was done for the day I checked my messages.

“Hi Ellen, it’s L at [insert my other workplace here]. You’re supposed to be working now, so please give us a ring.”

I thought I would die from the embarassement. These things never happen to me. I mean never. I’m so organised I’m right down boring. I set two alarm clocks every night incase one would stop working, and I have like three calendars. I always lay out my clothes the day before and schedule when to do the dishes. I’m simply insane and anyone who knows me could tell you this in a heartbeat.

So I called them and apologised like 20 times and still feel horrible. Poor J had been running her legs off, covering for me.

I’ve forgotten to send in my work update to my unemployment-ensurance. This I figured out almost a week too late. Great!

Then I visit my grandmother during my two free days only to have that go horribly wrong also. We (me, mum and grand-ma) where going to a conference of sorts. Well, the road directions was all wrong and when we could have been there 1 hour early we ended up being 15 minutes late. To top it off, there were no signs telling us where to enter wich led to my grand-ma finally breaking down in tears in her wheelchair while me and mum was running around trying to find the right door. We laughed about it afterwards of course, but that day was full of swearing and screaming and pulling our hair.

And this week I work every day, except sunday. I’m so tired and I have no idea how to pull this off. Tomorrow I have a full day education for work and I don’t even know if I get paid for it, probably not with my current luck. I’ve been able to play HKO maybe 30 minutes in total during this time.

So I am sorry for the lousy blog-update, just been a bit pre-occupied. Once this crazy week is over, I’ll get back to my old “good-at-updating-blog”-self. Scouts honour.

ABBA-theme on swedish IDOL

Just got back home from the weekend at grand-ma. My sister recorded IDOL for me so I could watch it. As usual my 2 favourites were the best (IMO). Robin from my tiny hometown (the one were I grew up, not the one I live in, wouldn’t call that small) and Alice from the tiny hometown of my mother. You might think the place they called home when they grow up is the reason for my liking, but take a look at them. Don’t you agree that they’re awesome!?

Since I can’t seem to manage and post the videos, I’ll just post the links.

Alice Svensson - Lay All Your Love on Me
Robin Ericsson - Waterloo

Something’s not right here…

Logged on this morning and quickly realised something was wrong. I couldn’t write in the Guild Chat or open the Guild Window. It simply stated I was not in a Guild, eventhough the Guild-name uner my IGN clearly proved otherwise.

I wrote GM-Wayne for help and he told me to log out and then log back in. Yay! It worked. All was fine. I went and took a shower and when I came back it seemed they had patched while I was afk. I was “Disconnected from server”. So I patched and logged back in.

Met Tidesong who spoke in Guild Chat. I tried to reply, but once again got the message I’m not in a Guild. Oh, well.. easy fixed, I thought and logged out. Only to realise I can’t get back in. I get to the server-list. Hit the green checkmark. “Connecting server…” starts and then….

…. nothing!

It freezes and the program stops responding. I tried over and over with the same results.

Next step is the forum. I try to reply in the serverthread only to discover that doesn’t work either. The text-box simply doesn’t show up. And I can’t post an empty message either. Nor a new thread. I give up! I just hope I’ll be able to post this blog or I’ll go insane.

I’ll just go to work now, hoping this will all be fine when I return tonight.

New Guild

I am sorry Sailoria/Sailor Scouts but your guild got way to big for tiny me. It is an awesome guild, of course! But I prefer the small, cosy and close before the large and amazing - always has.

So today I got an invitation to join Starrfire7’s guild *Twin Starrs* and after learning that her idea of a nice guild suited my own so very well I gladly accepted.

I started off by asking them to help me clean out my warehouse.
-Thank you Ghost for carrying the heaviest load, what would I do without you!
Suddenly my farm got invaded by my very first vistors.


And before we knew it, we got joined by Tidesong. So of course, we needed to fix new screenies!
-Come on, squeeze together now


Oh dear, this wont do…
-Hey, you aren’t whispering guild secrets without me now, are you?


-Yes, this is better, faces towards the camera and say “Chees…” Ghost! No hiding in the plants!


Finally! And Bubbles even got in on a corner. This is going in the album.

Thank you for inviting me to you cosy guild, hope to see you all soon again. Who’s farm will it be next? I’ll bring cookies!

Cute screenies

Hmm.. It’s been a couple of days since my last blog. Honestly it’s cause of the Burry’s Ball quest. It’s taking me ages to finish. I’m starting to get closer now though, which is probably how I got out of the haze and realised the blog was starting to look inactive. The one thing that’s positive about this whole quest though is that I finally reached lvl 20 today. Yay me!

Anyways, today I’ll be posting some cute screenies from ingame. One thing I love so about this game is the cute decorations. It’s simply kittified right down to the last pinkish inch. So I’m sharing 5 of my favourite decorations. Enjoy! (And then tell me yours.)




tree house

And this last one is my #1 favourite of them all. I wish I could have this IRL!


Got the key!

Been playing practically the whole day, but it payed of. The key is now mine. Special thanks to Tree for helping me get the Roasted Vegetables Book.

New York Quest

You know you’re addicted to HKO when…

it’s suddenly 6.30pm and you realise that you haven’t even had breakfast yet!

Oh, yes. That just happened to me, no lie! Hmm.. I think I need to go make me something to eat. In the meantime, why don’t you post your own stories of how you know your addicted to HKO, right here.

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