Edited my Countdown-post

I have been looking everywhere for a good countdown widget with a nice Hello Kitty background. I thought it would be more suited for my HKO Founders’ Beta Countdown.

Finally I realised that no such thing existed and I decided to use the one I have, but just edit in my own background image. So now it looks like this:

Countdown has started!

It’s pretty nice, don’t you think? Also added a little link in my Blogroll to my Countdown, so each day I can see how much longer I have to wait.


Whenever I start to come close to payday, I start browsing Ebay. If I have some money over after bills and food has been payed I always try to buy something fun for myself. Here are some of the things I have my eyes on.


A Hello Kitty Bathrobe! What more could a girl ask for? I’m in need of a bath robe, I’ve gone a whole year without one and really miss it, so maybe this will be my next Hello Kitty buy? 

cell phone

And then we have cell phones. Ok, I bought a new cell phone less than a year ago, but it doesn’t have Hello Kitty on it. We don’t have cell phones this cute in Sweden! =^.^=


This one is also adorable!

Busy Sleepy

Why don’t swedish McDonalds have theese? I never go to McD anymore (I like Burger Kings burgers better) but if they’d put theese in their Happy Meals, I’d buy meals until I got them all!
But no.. I’ll have to do with Ebay. Theese 2 are my favourites so it’ll probably be one of those (or both).

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