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Of course… I can’t play!

So the HKO NA version has been downloaded for a while, I just can’t play. Everytime I try to link my Aeria account and my SanrioTown account it says there’s an error. So… No HKO for me

error! error!

Going through the same horrible withdrawal from HKO that I did after FB ended. I keep trying to log in every now and then and cry out in frustration when I can’t.

Now I’m also awaiting a mailresponse on my issue as well, so checking mail about once every hour or once every three minutes depending on my crawings rating for the moment. Comment with links to your blog that has screenies and in-game stories, I need them!

They are all FB…

With all these different HKO versions I got confused. What happened to the Founders’ Beta? Is it still in development? Is it replaced by these versions? Where are our characters? And our beloved GM’s? So I finally sent a mail to onlinegame@hellokitty.com in hopes of finding some answers.

Today I had received my reply:


Thank you for sending your concerns.  The HKO Founders Beta version was the
development phase of the game. All released versions now basically are the
developed versions of Founders Beta. For every region, there is an official
HKO publisher. More features and updates will be released soon so stay tuned
in our official site and blog. :)

Best regards,
Team HKO”

So I guess the characters are gone. No need to be keeping that client then, it won’t be easy to delete though. No word on the GM’s but as all GM’s on HKO Europe seems to be new I guess they either got new jobs or new ingame names they won’t reveal.

And I can’t keep an eye on the official site as they just send me on to the HKO Eu site. I hope they post it all on the blog then.

So now there is the question of which version to play. I’m already playing HKO Eu and will probably always at least have a character on it. But my guildies and friends, where are you? What I hear the most are HKO NA, so I’ll be downloading that tonight I think. Hopefully I can find you all there. Won’t be doing any quests until I am promised no character swipe though, don’t have the patience to go through them all over and over.

European HKO Artwork

I was looking at the Artwork on the European HKO website. There was a lot of pretty stuff there that made me very impatient to see the finished product. For instance, this dress:

paris girl

I simply love it! They pinkified that old style of dresses that I love so much. What more could I want? Well maybe a magic farm indoors?

crystal farm

*content sigh*

I’ve got mail!

This is really late posted, but you probably saw that Starrfire7 sent little packages pf pinkness to a couple of people. I was among the lucky selection and actually was also the first to receive the package eventhough I live far of in Sweden. I was planning to blog about it here, of course. But it got lost in all the stress from starting University. Now it’s time.

pinkness from the leader ^_^

As soon as I saw the sticker on the back of the envelope, I didn’t even have to turn it over to know where it came from. It’s all so cute!

The extra items was a surprise as I had only been told I would get the CD. The funny thing is, I had been looking for a cute HK-ruler to put in my schoolbag without any luck of finding one. So that made me extra happy and surprised.

Thank you Starrs, you’re such a sweetie and bringer of happiness!

I’m missing a theme

Why aren’t there any Nyago themes?


Long time, no see O_o

And I’m sorry about that. There has just been a lot going on for a while now. Some funerals, working where there aren’t enough staff during the summer (ergo: working a lot), vet-visits with cats and starting school. There has also been a new “job” introduced for me that I am really excited about, but aren’t really supposed or allowed to talk about, so I have to leave that. But all in all, it’s been a busy summer.

 The biggest change is school though. I’ve started studying English at the University this week and I’m super-excited and terrified all rolled into one. I’ve always loved English, so I thought it better to start with something I liked and see where it leads. And I guess it wouldn’t hurt to pick this blog back up to practise my English on the side too.

 This first week have been crazy. Last week there was introduction that informed us that we have no holidays. Our holiday is (and I quote, but translate to English):
“The night between January 17th and January 18th as that marks the start of the spring term.”
I guess I should have been prepared with that introduction, but there really is no slow starting week at University. You get thrown right in the middle of it all. Stress, papers to turn in, exercises you need to master, novells to read before next class.

I do love it though. I feel like I’m doing something all the time and I’ve been staring at my wall for to long. It makes me… energetic!
 I’ve also met new people through the class and it’s great to have them to be nervous and stressed and a little excited with. We’re going to watch a small beachvolleyboll-turnament at the University this evening, so I hope it won’t start raining like it looks like now.

The University is also offering some free spare-time activities and this sunday I’ll audition for the Student choir. Later on there will also be singing workshops every monday, with the only requirement of showing up.

So I sort of feel like my life is starting to happen.

As for HKO, you can currently find me at the European OB, which is the only one except the original one (as an FB I see it as the original) I’ll be playing. I’m the regular noliai there too. Don’t believe anyone who else who claims to be me if it would ever happen.

which Austin heroine

I love Jane Austin so I couldn’t help myself

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

You are Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are practical, circumspect, and discreet. Though you are tremendously sensible and allow your head to rule, you have a deep, emotional side that few people often see.


 The funny thing is that my (younger) sister got Marianne Dashwood, the younger sister. Funny since the first time I saw the movie-version of the book (well, it was the series actually) I called my sister and told her she had to see it cause we resembled those sisters a lot. And when she saw it, she agreed.


*wakes up*
Hmm… a crust on my burnmark, shouldn’t that have healed by now?
*tears crust* OUCH!

This day starts out juuust fine.

*get to work*
*headache* OUCH!

*meets old acquaintance*
*finds out something about my sister*
*worries about sister*!!

*customer who speaks without ever breathing shows up*
*line arises*
*tries to notify customer about the line*

*eternitycustomer stays until I have to tell them we are closed*
*customers who don’t even buy anything lifts down chairs from the table and sit down to talk*
I had cleaned that area!
*notifies the customer sitting about an inch from the sign that we are closed*
Sign says: Tables and chairs are only for customers
*cleanes again*
*Late, blushing ellen gets help from workmates to count checkout*
*ellen likes workmates*

I don’t have the strenght to do the dishes today.
I don’t have the strenght to write a proper blog today.

Kiss me

I didn’t have to work today, so I got to work on the request I had gotten. I loved singing this song just as much as I thought I would!


Burned my arm on a hot plate in the café today. I thought I would scream, it hurt so bad! Comforted myself by getting sushi take-away. Honestly I can’t really afford it right now, but sometimes you need to ignore money-issues and just enjoy life.
 It wouldn’t be much of a life if you didn’t.


After sushi I went through some mail and online-stuff. I’d gotten a request to sing  Six Pence None The Richer - Kiss Me. I love that song! It reminds me of summer and long, bright nights. Honestly I have a couple of requests waiting for me, but this will have to pass them. It’s such a great song! Maybe I’ll have time to record it on sunday?

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