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“A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous.” — COCO CHANEL ;D

♥ Fashion


Fashion Rules By Isabelle Rijnties

1. Always hold out for the perfect fit, especially with your basics. Nothing pulls your outfit down like trousers that don’t sit right or a tee that clings too much.

2. If you go for fun prints, stick to polished shapes: They’ll temper the pattern and keep you looking office appropriate.

3. Play up your waistline. “I use belts ir cropped jackets to emphasize mine, so I don’t get lost in something that goes striaght from my shoulders to my knees.”

Jamila’s Fashion Tip:

Add some indiviuallity by colors, accessories, or by even just a simple designer clutch.

5 Great Pieces You Must Own:

1. Metallic evening sandals

2. Sexy suit

3. Fancy earrings

4. Black leather bag

5. Sequin top

 Lipgloss is a must have in your purse! =D