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1st Football Game

This was my 1st football game I went 2! I got free tickets that were $30.00 to the Engergy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City. It was the Utah Blazers against Kansas Bergade. I went there with my brother at 7:00pm an I sorta had a good time. There were cheerleaders dancin 2 Please Dont Stop the Music. I thought they danced like idiots! =D JK they were ok. Other than that they had sum entertainment during half time like these 2 guys doing flips on a trampaline with a snowboard an then skies. Really weird but sooo awsome dude! lmao! haha. By the way 4 almost the whole entire football game this woman was screamin like crazy in my ear. I wanted 2 KILL HER! I was gonna become death. lol but she was kinda nice. lol But aniway the Blazers won! YAY 4 them. I really didn’t care who won. lol

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