♥ JAM!LA ♥
“A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous.” — COCO CHANEL ;D

♥ About Jam!la

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Hey I’m Jamila, 17, an i’m a senior attending East High!!! Yea the school with the High School Musical Movie! lol. My nationality is mainly Korean and African American. But I am also mixed with Jamaican, Native American, and very little French. While your at it go 2 myspace and add me! cuz I’ll b glad 2 add & dnt 4get 2 tell me u got my myspace from my blog! Thanks!

- Color: Crimson Red mainly but I also love any color realy! The Rainbow. lol
- Hobbies: Dancing, drawing/sketching, reading, creating, sports, swimming, biking, running.
- Music: Hip hop, rap, korean, Japanese, techno, rock, and anithing that sounds good! =D

Upstage  Victoria Secret Starbucks Treat ;p SoBe Green Tea! =D