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Kuromia’s Dream Selfy

Wah-hey, hey!
Yes! Finally! A Dream Selfy of my very own!

Doesn’t it look good?!
Psst…nini528’s making me a new blog link!
Catch ya’all!

My Dream Selfy

This is truly…

Dream Selfy Culture Series

This is Carmen, coming from England.

Hello, Cleopatra! Arriving grandly from Egypt.

Meet Cynthia, sent from Japan (tell me about Japan!)

Dream Selfy 6

Hello! *yawn* I’m Stacey! I just love astronomy and the night, do you?!

Dream Selfy 5

Hi! My name is Aubrey!

Dream Selfy 4

Good day to you, my name is Arabella.

Dream Selfy 3

Hey there! The name’s Melanie.

Dream Selfy 2

Greetings! This is Yvonne, what’s your name?

Dream Selfy

‘Sup! How’s it going? I’m Starblossom!

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