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My 6 year old daughter has a facebook account.. oh yes she does, and when I was browsing the net I found this picture  on her album. She just posted it last night, and to my surprise she was gathering all her things preparing for our trip to Singapore next week.With a caption of “I’m Ready.”

Kittified I must say!

I would like to post this picture again, we were featured in Sanriotown’s All Star’s blog 3 years ago with this picture and since I already deleted the old one ( thanks to a stalker here) I would again love to start blogging about our adventures in life. It’s like starting all over again but It will be all worth it. I am a Mom to two wonderful kids, Big Lil P and Sweet Mimi .


 This picture was taken 3 years ago in a mall here in the Philippines, the Mom just could not let it pass so I took the kids for a short Kitty Ride. Kitty will always be a part of me and I am Happy and proud to say that I was able to pass it up to my daughter, she absolutely loves Hello Kitty too.


Wondering where  I have been lately? Well this is the reason why I haven’t been able to update my blog more often. We have traveled to Macau- the City of Dreams. I’m not after the beautiful and historical landmarks there but instead I was after this…. Yummy, Creamy and Smooth Filling of

Portugese Egg Tart.

They are only sold for $5 / pc. I’m telling you, these Egg tarts are far better than Lord Stows.

I have tried different kinds of Egg Tarts from the expensive ones down to the local bakery stores but these Egg Tarts sold at TEA PLUS STORE is to die for and one of the best!

(Just my opinion) . They have become very popular because of the Korean show Boys over Flowers. Where the lead actress Jan Di bought some Egg Tarts and at the same time forgot her wallet.  You won’t miss it while your on the way going to St. Paul’s Ruins or better yet they call it San Paulo.This is located on the right side going up the sidewalk street, and with the loud theme song of Boys Over Flowers , I’m sure, that alone will guide you to where it is.Oh and  don’t forget to also order there famous Lemon Tea ,

the Perfect drink to go with your Egg Tart.

Finally, it’s Summer-my favorite time of the year! School’s out, that means I have more free time for myself and my kids and most of all I won’t be driving them to school anymore… ( I hate driving that’s why!) Now I am off to scout for summer activities for my kids, I don’t want them to be bored especially they will be staying for 2 months at home. I want to enroll them in something productive that they can benefit from and help them in enhancing their talents.

Here are a few summer lessons and activities that I found online…

Art Camp Bezalel
call (632) 722-1434
- New Manila, Quezon City
- The Fort

Hobbes and Landes
Greenhills Promedade, Tel. 722-6469
Rockwell Power Plant, Tel. 756-5119 / 757-0263, 895-5084 (Build City)

Center for Asian Culinary Studies
3/F The Promenade, Wilson cor. P. Guevarra Streets, San Juan
Tel. 725-5089

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew
(see participating stores)

Gymboree Play and Music
Tel. 910-7529
Find a location near you.

Kindermusik, Philippines - For 0 - 7 y.o.
Tel. 913-5124
Find a location near you

Kids Ahoy Creative Playshop

#56 Lantana cor New York Sts

Cubao, Philippines, 1111


Miriam College


Loyola Heights Katipunan Rd.QC

Ateneo de Manila University


Loyola Heights Katipunan RD. Q.C.

I’ll be on the lookout for some more activities and I’ll try to update this post once in a while. Have a cool summer!

I’m back and I’m happy that I can write about my thoughts and feelings here…. but sadly with everything that’ s happening around the world, I just have to write about how the world feels to me with all the earthquakes,wars and tsunami going on. I received a letter from a friend today and I would like to share it to everybody…. The events that are happening around us is really scary but if you know in your heart that you believe in God, then there’s no reason for us to be scared for we know that God will always be beside us to protect and guide us.

 Nationality:  Portuguese

  Born:  3-28-1907,   Aljustrel , Portugal

  Died:   2-13-2005 (aged 97)

  Convent of Carmelitas

  Coimbra , Portugal


Regardless of whatever Creed or Religion, it is better to be

prepared and  be in good terms with GOD,…who created us;

  for we never know when we will be leaving this world…..


The Church has given  permission to reveal to the people the last part

of the message. The Blessed Virgin appeared to three children in Fatima ,

Portugal , in 1917…….. this is a proven fact;one of these children was

Lucia, (died 2-13-05).

She was a cloistered nun, and lived in a monastery in Portugal .

Lucia disclosed the message for the first time;  to Pope Pius Xll  who,

after reading , sealed it and stored it away without making it public.

Later Pope John XXIII read it and, in the same manner as his predecessor,

he kept it out of the public eye because he knew that once revealed;

it would bring desperation and panic to mankind,

But now the time has come, and permission has been granted from Pope John

Paul II  to reveal it to the children of God;…….. . …….. not to

create panic, but to make God’s people aware of this important message

and be prepared.

The Virgin told Lucia:

‘Go, my child,

and tell the world what will come to pass during the 1950’s - 2000’s. Men

are not practicing the Commandments that God has given us. Evil is

governing the world and is harvesting hate and resentment  all over. Men

will  fabricate mortal weapons that will destroy the world

in  minutes!…. .. where half of the human race will be destroyed.

The war will begin against Rome , and there will be conflicts amongst

religious orders…… …..

God will allow all natural phenomena like smoke, hail, cold,

water, fire, floods, earthquakes, winds and inclement weather to slowly

batter the planet.

These happenings will come to pass before the year 2012.!!!!

“For those who don’t/won’t believe….. . . this is the time…..

Your beloved mother told you:-

……….those lacking charity towards others, in words & deeds and

those who do not love their neighbour like my beloved Son has loved you

all ……. cannot survive! They will wish to have died.

God will punish severely those who do not believe in him, those who

despise him and those who did not have time for him.”

‘I call upon all of  you to come to my son Jesus Christ.

God will help the world, but all of those who do not show fidelity and

loyalty will be destroyed!’

Father Agustin, who lives in Fatima , said that Pope Paul VI

gave him permission to visit Sister Lucia,a cloistered nun (she did not

leave the monastery nor was allowed to receive any visitors). Father

Agustin said that she received him greatly overwhelmed and told him:

‘Father, Our Lady is very sad because nobody is interested in her prophecy

of 1917,  though the righteous are walking through a narrow path, the

evil ones are walking through an ample road that is leading them straight

to their destruction! Believe me, Father, the punishment will come very

soon.  ‘Many souls will be  lost and many nations will disappear from the


But, in the middle of all these, if men reflect, pray and practice

sincerity, good deeds, kindness and respect, the world can be

saved……. . .. However, if men persist with evil ways….greed, hatred,

selfish acts, rivalry, and rif, the world will be lost forever!.

The time has come for all  to pass on the message of our Blessed Lady to

their families, friends, and to the entire world.

Continue praying, make penitence and sacrifices. We are close to the last

minute of the last day and the catastrophes are near. Due to this, many

that were far from the Church will return to the open arms of the Church of



The joining of the churches will result in one Holy Catholic and

Apostolic Church; …….. England , Russia , China , Jews, Buddhists,

Muslims, Hindus,Protestants, etc….. All will return believing and

worshipping God our Creator, in his beloved Son and in Blessed Mother

Virgin Mary.’

                                 WHAT AWAITS US ???

Everywhere there will be ‘Peace Talks’, but punishment will come.





This war will destroy everything; darkness will fall over us for 72 hours

(3 days) and the one third of humanity that survives this obscurity and

sacrifice, will

commence to live a new era; they will be good people.

On a very cold night, 10 minutes before midnight, A GREAT QUAKE will

shake the earth  for 8 hours. This will be the third signal that God Is,

who governs the earth.

The righteous and those who propagate the faith and the message of the

Lady of   Fatima is :


WHAT TO DO??? : Bow your heads, kneel down and ask God for

forgiveness.  Because, only what is good and is not under the power of

evil will survive the catastrophe.

In order for you to prepare and remain alive and safe, I will give you

the following signs:



The  shake will be so violent that will move the earth

23 degrees and then it will return it to its normal position.

Then, total and absolute darkness will cover the entire planet….

All the evil spirits will be mingling around and free, doing harm to all

those souls that did not want to listen to this message and those who did

not want to repent.

To the faithful souls, remember to light the blessed candles,

prepare a sacred altar with a crucifix in order to communicate with GOD

and implore for His infinite mercy….

All will be dark; and IN THE SKY A GREAT MYSTIC CROSS

will appear to remind us the price that his beloved Son had to pay for

our redemption.. …

In the house the only thing that can give light will be the

HOLY CANDLES… Once lit, nothing will put them off until the three days

of darkness are over.  Also, you should have holy water that should be

sprinkled abundantly on windows and doors. The Lord will protect the

property of the chosen ones….

Kneel down before the powerful cross of my beloved Son, pray the Rosary

and after each Hail Mary you must pray the following:

‘Oh God forgive us our sins, preserve us from the fires of hell, take all

souls to heaven, especially those who are in more need of thy mercy.

Blessed Virgin Mary, protect us, we love you, save us and save the


Pray 5 Creeds and  the Rosary which is the secret to my

immaculate Heart. All those who believe in my words go and take the

message to everyone,


Talk to all, now that there is time. Those who keep quiet will be

responsible for all those souls who will perish in ignorance.

All those who pray humbly the rosary will have the protection of heaven.

Those who are bound to die, I will help them die in peace, and they will

be holy when they enter the other world.

I wish all my children to attend mass every first Friday and every first

Saturday of each month; to confess and receive Holy Communion; and in

doing so, save the world from its TOTAL DESTRUCTION. ..!!

When the earth shakes no more, those who still do not believe in our Lord

will perish in a horrible way:-

The wind will bring gas and it will disperse it everywhere, then the sun

will rise.

                  Maybe you will survive this catastrophe.

Do not forget that God’s punishment is holy and




SINNERS….. ……… ….

All this encompasses with the  writings of the Holy

scriptures.. ….

Read on the New Testament: Lucas  21

- 5:121, 12:19, 20:20,

29:33   Letters of St Paul 3 - 8 - 14 Isaiah 40, 1:5:9.

You must understand that God allows all this to happen. The Pope

and Bishops are now awaiting another message that speaks

about repentance and prayer. Please remember that God’s words are not a

threat, ………. but good news…..

Please reproduce these pages and send them to all you know so we all can

have the opportunity to repent and be saved.

We do not know if those receiving this message believe or not in

GOD,….but just think that, if you are receiving this message it is for

a good reason!!.. from God who created us and loves us so much!

Our Creator is giving us the chance to be saved, no matter  what religion

or creed we may be. If you don’t believe in this message, at least send

it to others, it costs you nothing.

To all those receiving it, they can have the opportunity to judge and

decide for themselves.

Remember, we can avoid a great deal of evil if we practice the

Commandments that Our Loving Father God gave us…. Just 10 simple ways,

that if we all put into practice we can obtain God’s pardon.


 I don’t want to end the world this way,but I’m a believer of God, whatever it is, God has his own plan for each and everyone of us.


Breadtalk Philippines now serves Sanrio Character Bread / Cake designs… I love it! I can’t wait to get my share of this cake. I have grown and loved Hello Kitty since I can remember and I love all HK Things - small or big. I’m glad that  my little girl shares my passion with Kitty.


Hello everyone! Easter is fast approaching so we’ve cooked up another exciting contest for all of you! Would you like to win cool prizes from Sanrio? Proceed to the event mechanics and find out how!

Easter Egg Hunt Mechanics:

1. To join the event, simply become a fan and indicate your participation by clicking “Attending” on the RSVP section on our Facebook page.

2. Play Sanrio Bubbles on Facebook and achieve a score of at least 20,000. Don’t forget to submit your score!

3. Play Sanrio Bubbles 2 on SanrioTown.com’s Game Center and achieve a score of at least 200,000. Don’t forget to submit your score!

4. Go to the SanrioTown main blog and find the clue you’ll need to locate the event’s “treasure.”.

5. At the treasure’s location, you will need to summon your wits and solve a puzzle to get the hidden treasure.

6. If you succeed in solving the puzzle, e-mail us with the answer together with your Facebook name using your SanrioTown.com e-mail. Simply use “Easter Egg Hunt 2010” as the subject of the email to marketing@hellokitty.com.


Sounds fun? Go tell your friends about this cool, new event starting this March 25 - April 8! Be there and get a chance to win these prizes from Sanrio!

prizes Grand prize: Hello Kitty Wristwatch: Pink

First runner-up: Hello Kitty Aqua Mini Optical Mouse

Second runner-up: Hello Kitty Plush Doll/Curtain Holder in one

Consolation prizes: Hello Kitty Multi-Purpose Stylus and Hello Kitty Mouse Pad

Terms and Conditions:

1. Contest runs from March 25 – April 8 2010.

2. Winners will be announced in the SanrioTown Official Blog on April 15 2010.

3. A correct answer and completed missions will give the participants a chance to win a prize.

4. Only SanrioTown members are eligible to participate. Participants must use their SanrioTown.com email in order to participate.

5. SanrioTown reserves the right to change the conditions of this competition at its own discretion.

6. Sanriotown reserves the right to extend or terminate the competition at its own discretion.

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