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LTS Quest

Went on a group quest together with Starrfire7, Ghost and Tidesong! We first met at Hougang Mall… Or rather, Starrfire7, Ghost and Tidesong met at Hougang mall for lunch. I met them up after lunch. After which, Tidesong led us to a shop near Hougang Plaza where they sells a lot of Sanrio stuff…

Found the shop and did a scanz… Nothing much that we can buy and they have more pirated LTS than originals.. Haha!! Quest completed! Tidesong has to leave us us she had something on. Thus, Starrfire7, Ghost and myself continued with our LTS quest…

Next destination, Liang Court! And these are the things I managed to collect…


Thanks Starfire7 for informing the store owner, Grace,  to keep a set for me… The tissue box and Lala head rest comes as a set while Kiki is sold separately… Hmm.. Duno why they wana separate Kiki and Lala… Bleah!!!

p1040361.JPG p1040367.JPG



Some HP/key chain accessories… I just love them so much!! There is another set but only Kiki is left… Don’t know why people buy 1 and not together.. How can they separately them!!! The last item is a new item released for LTS… Saw them on a webby recently and when I went to Sanrip shop last Sat, I did asked the staff if they have it for LTS as I saw Cinnamonroll’s but they not out yet… Here, I found it at Liang Court… These HP/key chain accessories are not cheap!!!


Japanese safety charm… New item released as well…

LTS Quest Part 2 completed!! Another $100 gone… We den head down to United Square and Novena square to check it out as new stocks are expecting to arrive in mid-end November…  Still not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing coz stocks are not in yet and we didn’t managed to get anything from the 2 stores…

Starrfire7 and Ghost did showed me a photo frame and it does looks nice… But it cost almost $60!! No way am I spend such money after spending $100… Whahahah!! So, quest still incomplete coz we didn’t get anything… I shall continue my quest in Japan coz I think they should have released new items soon… Now, it’s up to Starrfire7 and Ghost whether they wanna forfeit the quest or continue.. Hehez!!!

My budget for LTS is already over.. For the month of October and November…  My last shopping for LTS will be in Japan for their new release… After which, no more LTS probably till next year I hope… :)

8 Responses to “LTS Quest”

  1. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Awww! That’s so cute! :D

  2. tidesong:hellokitty.com Says:

    whee super cute stuff thanks for taking the pics to share :D

  3. Sugar chan Says:

    i have never seen so many LTS things! in the US it’s harder to find them then it is Hello Kitty! i love the cellphone charms!

  4. Amalia Says:

    Wow! That stuff is totally adorable. @Sugar Chan, they don’t even sell that stuff in the UK. Unless you look realyy hard. Sounds like a really fun day you guys had =D!

  5. Nimeesha Says:

    OMG!!! gues that i haven been to my blog for very long…

    thanks ladies for the compliment… if u were saying its difficult to find LTS in US and UK, let me tell you… IT’S EVEN MORE DIFFICULT TO FIND LTS IN JAPAN!!! Just got back form Japan a week ago and i had a hard time searching for LTS. Only managed to find those old ones in departmental stores toys section. Even the sanrio shop in japan has limited item…

    But… hello kitty is everywhere!!! even in convenient shops!!!

  6. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    I had a real great time! We gotta plan another outing!

  7. Nimeesha Says:

    haha!! when??? must in advance hor.. coz very busy at work… haiz… another outing!!!

    next time we plan go japan puroland… whahahah!! :P

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