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All about Little Twin Stars!!!

Pocket burned a BIG hole again…

Hahaz!! Once again for Starrfire7 for telling me where can I buy LTS… Hehez!! :P Went Vivocity today and there are 2 places that sells LTS… Sanrio shop and PageOne bookstore..

There wasn’t much things in the Sanrio shop but I still managed to buy something from there… Asked the staff when will the new items comes in but too bad, she doesn’t know…


A mirror and jewellery display set… This is expensive!!!

cimg1632.JPG cimg1631.JPG

A stocking Xmas ornament… And it comes with a small towel, some memo note and some mini cream biscuits. See the LTS cream biscuits??? That’s the only one 1 found after searching all the displays!! There was 1 other stocking that comes in a shape of a star.. Was deciding which 1 to get or both but in the end only got this 1… Maybe I might buy the other one the next time!! ;)


I thought it was candy inside but I guessed it is butter cookies  when I took it out at home… Never mind, I shall put in my own candy next time.. :)

Only bought these and it cost S$80!!! Next destinat