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LTS Quest

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Went on a group quest together with Starrfire7, Ghost and Tidesong! We first met at Hougang Mall… Or rather, Starrfire7, Ghost and Tidesong met at Hougang mall for lunch. I met them up after lunch. After which, Tidesong led us to a shop near Hougang Plaza where they sells a lot of Sanrio stuff…

Found the shop and did a scanz… Nothing much that we can buy and they have more pirated LTS than originals.. Haha!! Quest completed! Tidesong has to leave us us she had something on. Thus, Starrfire7, Ghost and myself continued with our LTS quest…

Next destination, Liang Court! And these are the things I managed to collect…


Thanks Starfire7 for informing the store owner, Grace,  to keep a set for me… The tissue box and Lala head rest comes as a set while Kiki is sold separately… Hmm.. Duno why they wana separate Kiki and Lala… Bleah!!!

p1040361.JPG p1040367.JPG



Some HP/key chain accessories… I just love them so much!! There is another set but only Kiki is left… Don’t know why people buy 1 and not together.. How can they separately them!!! The last item is a new item released for LTS… Saw them on a webby recently and when I went to Sanrip shop last Sat, I did asked the staff if they have it for LTS as I saw Cinnamonroll’s but they not out yet… Here, I found it at Liang Court… These HP/key chain accessories are not cheap!!!


Japanese safety charm… New item released as well…

LTS Quest Part 2 completed!! Another $100 gone… We den head down to United Square and Novena square to check it out as new stocks are expecting to arrive in mid-end November…  Still not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing coz stocks are not in yet and we didn’t managed to get anything from the 2 stores…

Starrfire7 and Ghost did showed me a photo frame and it does looks nice… But it cost almost $60!! No way am I spend such money after spending $100… Whahahah!! So, quest still incomplete coz we didn’t get anything… I shall continue my quest in Japan coz I think they should have released new items soon… Now, it’s up to Starrfire7 and Ghost whether they wanna forfeit the quest or continue.. Hehez!!!

My budget for LTS is already over.. For the month of October and November…  My last shopping for LTS will be in Japan for their new release… After which, no more LTS probably till next year I hope… :)

*Twin Starrs* Guild

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Finally… After almost a week of not logging on to HKO due to poor health, heavy workload and OTs, managed to log in for an hour before going out today…

And the best part??? I was finally invited to join *Twin Starrs* guild and the guild master is no other than Starrfire7!!! Didn’t really play much but concentrating more on chatting and taking photos with all my new emos!!!














KAWAII-NE!!! Whahahah!!!!Going to bed le.. It’a already 6am in the morning!!! Hope I am able to go in-game to train tomorrow…

Pocket burned a BIG hole again…

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Hahaz!! Once again for Starrfire7 for telling me where can I buy LTS… Hehez!! :P Went Vivocity today and there are 2 places that sells LTS… Sanrio shop and PageOne bookstore..

There wasn’t much things in the Sanrio shop but I still managed to buy something from there… Asked the staff when will the new items comes in but too bad, she doesn’t know…


A mirror and jewellery display set… This is expensive!!!

cimg1632.JPG cimg1631.JPG

A stocking Xmas ornament… And it comes with a small towel, some memo note and some mini cream biscuits. See the LTS cream biscuits??? That’s the only one 1 found after searching all the displays!! There was 1 other stocking that comes in a shape of a star.. Was deciding which 1 to get or both but in the end only got this 1… Maybe I might buy the other one the next time!! ;)


I thought it was candy inside but I guessed it is butter cookies  when I took it out at home… Never mind, I shall put in my own candy next time.. :)

Only bought these and it cost S$80!!! Next destination, PageOne bookstore…


A card holder which I don’t intend to use…


LTS ink stamp… I also duno why I got these but these look so cute like eggs!! However, condition was pretty bad so I spent a lot of time choosing… It was actually “wrapped” with scotch tape!! It was worse when I took off the tape.. I even had to give them a dry bath!!!


A small notebook…


A set of poker cards…


Musical ornament… This was my aim when going to the book store.. I am still looking for Starrfire7’s musical water fountain…


4R photo frame…

Spent $90+ at the bookstore… *faint* I almost bought 2 more items… 07 winter edition xmas stuff  but didnt buy… Those 2 items would cost me more than $70!!! Things are the bookstore are more expensive than the Sanrio shop and a few other shops I went to..

Spent too much today.. My budget for LTS should already be over but meeting Starrfire7 on Monday to continue… I guess after which I would have to stop shopping, and save the money for shopping in Japan.. No more shoppings probably until next year!!!

Time for HKO!!! :)

LTS 2008 Winter Collection

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Was reading Starrfire7’s blog and she was talking about the coming soon LTS 2008 winter collection… She even posted a link which is here that features the stuff coming soon…

I wonder if that is all… Or are there more to come other than winter collection?? Will I be able to get it when I go to Japan 2 weeks later… Will it be cheaper?? But even if I were to use the price stated on the webby, The total cost of all the things I wanna buy is approximately S$400!!! *faint* I am also worried if it will be damaged while in the luggage on the way back to SG?? I am so worried…

Nevertheless, I really hope to get some cool LTS stuff from Japan… Especially the lighters that Starrfire7 and myself are eyeing… They are really beautiful!!!


Hopefully I will be able to find it in Japan and there are 2 of it which Ican buy back from Starrfire7 and myself… Oh ya, BTW, can I bring it back to SG?? WIll it explode along the way?? Should I keep it in my luggage for check-in or hand-carry?? Hmm…. 0_O

My latest victory!!!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

After waiting for so long, I finally received the LTS items I purchased from a Taiwan spree today!!! Wait until neck also long le…  HAPPY AND EXCITED!!!! :P


HP strap/accessories or key chain accessories…  I have something similar which my bf bought from the shop at United square, but that was purchased after I order this from the spree…

And the next item is the one that makes me start buying something from the Taiwan spree…. If it wasn’t for this, I might not have even bought the one above…

asdfkitty-img450×600-12230173533131.jpg asdfkitty-img450×600-122301735331312.jpg

In one of my earlier post, I mentioned that one of my gal friend gave me a HP accessories but I lost it together with my HP right?? And I am left with the mini pouch??

Once at work, my colleague was telling me that one of the Taiwan spree was Sanrio items… (she also knows I like LTS..) Asking me to go take a look although there are ALOT Hello Kitty stuff instead… So, one weekend, I went in to view…. And slowly, page my page, I was searching for unique, interesting LTS item and this caught my eyes!!!

Once again, I was over excited and went to order it… I wanted to order 2… One for me to use and the other to keep… However, there was only 1 left so… No choice lor… I bought the 1 and only piece. That is enough to satisfied me le..

Really very happy to receive my orders but my happines was short-lived.. I am terribly sick today… Super weak too.. So not much energy to expressmy happiness except to blog it up here…

Going to sleep soon… Sick.. Weak… Giddy.. Nausea… Whole body especially my neck and shoulders aching… Just puke also… Like I was telling everyone.. I dying le… :P


Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Remember I mentioned how I got to know Starrfire7??Well, after getting to know her, we exchanged msn and we chatted.. I also told her that I was searching for the LTS wedding plush that I saw in one of the HK serials… I saw a few online but not what I was looking for until 1 fine evening, she msned me saying that there’s 1 new design up on ebay!!!

I went to the link she showed and AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was screaming in my room coz that’s what I was looking for!!! My bf was in the living room using his lappy doing his work so I msned him the link also… I was so excited…!!!  But it wasn’t cheap so I need to think about it…

The next day ( i think so) when I met up with my bf, I was helping him to reply SMS and suddenly, I saw something fishy… I see Starrfire7’s SMS in my bf’s inbox… And so I confronted him…

To cut story short, you can read about the incident at Starrfire’s blog @…


And here… May I present the LTS wedding blush I was looking for….

*drums rolling….*


Nice right??? Cute right??? KAWAII!!! I am very tempted to use this on my wedding car… but I am afraid that it might become dirty… Haiz…

My bf also bought this for me… From the same seller in ebay…


Also very cute right??!!!! Whahahaha!!!

Although it’s a bit weird to see Kiki and Lala in wedding suits, (they are siblings, in case you don’t know…), but they really look very cute in it… Well, not many peoplen knows they are siblings also lahz…

And also, they are very close to each other… Tome, I believe that my future husband shouldn’t be just my hubby, but also my lover, my best friend… And well, maybe siblings also can coz usually siblongs will play and fight with each other playfully… That’s what I like to have in a relationship… :)

LTS from China…

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008


LTS refrigerator magnet…


LTS thin cushion…

One of my colleague just came back from China trip recently. Knowing I love LTS ( my PC’s screensaver and my arm charm cushion is LTS), she got me these… Does it look fake? I hope not… I have seen the magnetswith other characters at pasa malam  but not LTS.. And the cushion, the material isn’t very smooth and it’s quite thin… Using it as my arm chair cushion at home…

And guess what?? IT’S VERY CHEAP!!!! VERY VERY CHEAP!!!!! And since she got me these from her trip, I would have to buy her something too when I go on my Japan trip… She likes Doraemon ( I used to like it too about 10 years ago… But I like LTS since young hor…) so it shouldn’t be too difficult getting her a doraemon thingy in Japan… However, I hope it won’t be too ex… If not I lugi lehz…Whahahaha!!! Hope I find something in their 100yen shop… :P

LTS Collection Part 6

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

This is another shop that Starrfire7 introduced… This time, it was my bf who went to visit the shop coz he wasn’t working and he was somewhere nearby doing his car…


A pen and a pencil…. Haiz… It’s cute, this I have to agree but it wasn’t the one I was looking for… I was looking for a pen that has something dangling from the top… I saw something similar in a few places but now what I wanted… Those I saw have a star that dangles from the top… But I wanted something which has Kiki and Lala dangles from the top instead… Still searching for it…


A card holder… Starrfire7 showed us hers when we met the other other day… Not using it coz can only put 1 card.. Don’t wanna spoil it…


A lanyand and card holder… I AM DEFINITELY NOT USING IT!!! You cant expect me to put my staff pass in it and hangs it around my neck in office right??!!! Everyone will laughing at me!!!


HP strap/accessories or key or key chain accessories… Like I mentioned before, I love LTS hp straps and accessories… Since I only have got 1 and it’s not cheap, I am not using it since I am prone to losing things especially my handphone…

LTS Collection Part 5

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

2 months ago when my bf and I went to book our tour package, we decided to drop by the “Sanrio” shop at Chinatown point… Thanks to Starrfire7, I got to know about the shop…

Now, maybe I should intro a bit about how I knew Starrfire7… It was from her SanrioTown blog… I was searching online for LTS and came across her blog so started asking her where she bought all her LTS stuff coz I find it hard to find LTS stuff and I was looking for some particular items… She gave me an email long of places and descriptions of the places to buy LTS in SG… And that’s how I got to know Starrfire7…

So… Thanks to her, my pocket burned a big hole!!!! Spent $200+ there… :S

cimg1562.JPG cimg1564.JPG

2 photo frames but I am not using it yet… Too pretty le… These are VERY EXPENSIVE!!! Maybe will use it in the future when I got my own LTS display shelf.. Whahahah!!!


A memo-clip paper weight… I duno why i bought this but I know I don’t think I will be using it… :P


Seriously, I don’t know what is it… All I know is that you can open the cover on top and keep things inside.. And you can turn the base, there will be music too!! Like those musical box… I LOVE MUSICAL BOX!!! STARRFIRE, I WANT YOUR WATER MUSICAL FOUNTAIN!!! :P


2007 Winter edition tea-light… Why didnt I see this in HK last year?? Oh ya!! That reminds me!! I also bought a cushion in HK last year but it’s in office now… Don’t have photo of it… Shall post it up when I have the chance…


2009 organizers and I have already started using it.. Have put in all thepublic holidays and some important dates and birthdays… But still, I am suffering from bad memory loss…Forgot a lot of birthdays!!! Must go find them out le..


A small cosmetic pouch…


2009 Wall calendar.. Once again, I don’t think I will be using them coz I don’ have the space in my room to hang them… I have fully utilised my room with shelves and cabinets.. Haha!!


This was bought by my bf… It’s like 2 crystal/glass thingy with Kiki and Lala separately…  This 1 I really don’t know how to display it le.. Maybe will try to find 1 display stand that produces light and put these on top.. It will be very beautiful!!! And very expensive too… I think it cost around $80 plus…

That’s all for my purchase from the shop in Chinatown Point… And I realised that the things there are relatively more expensive than some other shops!! Just this shop alone,  we spent more than $300… *faint*

My new LTS!!!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Initially wanted to start my blog with all the current collection, but I really cannot take it le… Must really share my happiness for getting new collections…


Poisoned my bf’s car with these.. Whahahaha!!! Excited leh!!! Nice leh!!! I was searching for these for awhile, saw it online but never bought it coz I was hoping to buy them locally… AND I DID!!! Bought them at City Plaza… Luckily not expensive… Hehez!!!

Some other stuff I got are…


A set of coasters… Bought it at a pasa malam at Parkway…


Cute right??? Bought it at Bugis Village… Bf bought 2, 1 for me to use and the other to keep… Whahahah!!