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LTS Ang Baos

January 20th, 2009 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

Was with bf and my mummy there to shop for CNY snackies and spent almost $100!!! Faint… Anyway, I also managed to buy some small little LTS stuff to reward myself… Haha!!

I wanted to find more LTS ang baos but cannot find.. so sad… See the ones at Starrfire7 blog… So envy…I think this is my 1st year after so long going to Chinatown

Starrfire7 also helped me ordered LTS from an online Japanese webby. I showed her the webby the last time but didn’t thought that she would buy it!!! Anyway, will post it when it arrives… Whahahah!!!

I can’t wait!!!!

More cheap trills.. Whahahah!!!

January 6th, 2009 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

On a pretty tight budget with not much spending power, still managed to find something I like… Hehez!!!

Was at Vivo last Fri with bf and went to Sanrio as well as PageOne. Bf was stock that I know of these places and he asked how I know… And I said… Serena told me!!! Whahahahah!!

Got this from PageOne… Finally found the LTS pen I was looking for!!! Hehez!!! It’s still not the perfect pen I wanted but still, I love it!!!

Cheap ang bao from Sanrio.. Only one design… Different from the one that Starrfire7 got… I like hers… I call it pink bao!! Whahahahah!!!!

Went down Chinatown for dinner. They already had the street stores up and I saw this!!!!

Was rushing coz meeting friends so didn’t check out the rest…Jo passed me some other stuff too that night!!!

I already had 1 for keeping so this belongs to my bf’s car… Waahahaha!!!

A “chiong” LTS keychain… But I like it!!! Thanks gal!!!

Oh yes, in case anyone interested to see how my new hairdo looks like, it’s here!!!

More pressies!!!

December 30th, 2008 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

There is no such thing as more pressies right??

Anyway, Joanna went up Malacca and bought me something which she name it as Little Twin Moons…Why?? Coz it’s “chiong” LTS!!!

A face mask.. Please!!! Do not try to ask me wear this on the streets!! Although they are cute, I wouldn’t want anyone calling me a freak ok??!!! Thanks Jo!!!

Jianghui got me something too!! Belated Xmas pressie?? Whatever lah!!! Whahahaha!!!

A new passport cover!!! I am already using one so I am definitely not using this… Maybe years later when my current one becomes so old and spoiled, I might change to this… But still, gotta keep this as new as possible!!! Thanks gals!!!

Didn’t go shopping recently but I ended up perming my hair!!! Didn’t really take much decent pic but the photos I took are using my bro’s HP camera… So still waiting for him to pass me the photos.. So far today at people, the most common comment I got was “not used to it” and most people thought it was quite nice… A couple even said it’s quite Korean… Wait till I update and you be the judge.. Haha!!!

Getting late.. Gonna zzz soon… long day at work and need to rush down to Orchard Hotel for wedding dinner.. *faint*

Before I end my night… Here, I wanna wish…..


Go wish her here!!!!

Pressies and new buys…

December 26th, 2008 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

Have been so busy at work after my birthday and so tired that I hardly have the time to go online and do my updates… Finally got the chance to update my blogs…

A “Chiong” LTS computer cover from a colleague for my birthday… Actually I have seen this so many times but I never bought it coz I am using a notebook at home!!! Whahahahah!!! So, Shall keep it with my LTS collection.

A LTS 3-compartment holder from the same for Xmas…

Xmas pressie from my boyfriend’s friend… It’s a very big 2009 LTS wall calendar… Where can I hang it in my room??!!!

Some LTS stuff that don’t cost too much that I bought this week…

A lid for mugs/cups…

LTS Kiki non-slip mat!!! I have been looking for this mat since don’t know when… I have got my Lala non-slip mat which I bought in Bishan some time ago but just can’t seem to find Kiki… And by chance, I found Kiki non-slip mat in Jurong point!!! And it’s the one and only piece!!! So so happy!!! Wanted to buy 1 more set of Kiki and Lala to be put in baby’s car but too bad… it’s OOS…

This is my Lala non-slip mat which I bought in Bishan previously…

LTS non-slip mat which I bought at Jurong point together with my Kiki non-slip mat…

“Chiong” LTS slipper HP strap which I found at the pasa malan near my house on Monday…

I am receiving so many LTS gifts this year!!! Wweeeeee!!! I need a stop on my LTS coz I am running out of space to keep them… My 3 drawer cabinet is so full that I can hardly keep anymore… But I heard from Starrfire7 that new LTS stuff will be launched soon…. And there is this small teapot and teacup which are so cute… OK, I think I won’t buy it coz it’s so expensive and I won’t use it anyway… It will probably be in my drawer till I die… Whahahahah!!!

More pressies!!!

December 14th, 2008 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

Whahahah!!! So happy!!! More birthday pressies from all my dear friends…

Met up with Jo and Elina yesterday for dinner and Jo passed me my birthday & Xmas pressies…

A LTS cushion!!! Cute right??

Kiki and Lala car accessories for safety belt… I actually have 1 already, but my rough bf almost broke Kiki’s head!!! I mean the “head” almost fall off… Although it can be sewn back, but i still wish to have a new 1 for keeping…

LTS pouch… Too cute… Dare not use in case I dirty it.. haha!!!

Today was a rush day… Woke up late coz took med last night for sinusitis… Supposing to meet Serena at 3pm but end up I gotta go Sambawang to collect my spree purchase… So no choice.. Went down straight to Isetan to meet Serena after collection…

And… Serena finally passed me the thing she bought for me!!! She mentioned on her blog but didn’t wanna say what it is.. Kept me thinking for so long… And my pressie is….

A LTS QUILT!!! So cute!!! It is very comfy too… But again, as usual.. afraid to dirty it so I put it back into the soft box.. Haha!!

Other than catching up, the secondary motive for meeting up is to…… Go for the Sanrio Fair at Isetan!! Haha!!! There wasn’t much stuff and not cheap either… Are they really on sale??? Haha!! Anyway, bought 2 small and cheap things… Haha!!

I don’t know what is this but for sure it’s some Xmas ornament…

Found this with LTS as well as Cinnnamonroll and Hello Kitty… There another type with MyMelody, Hello Kitty and 1 other character which I forgot what it is… Think the Xmas tree in the middle will light up. WIll need to buy batteries to try before I know.. Haha!!

A Notepad wuth a pen… The reason why I bought this is because of the pen!! Haha!!

I can use the pen with my LTS organizer!! Yeah!!!

I was deciding between this and the mousepad but Serena said this is better so I got this.. Haha!! Like a kid right??

Thanks everyone… December is the month I love and hate most… Coz.. It either I receive a lot of pressies or very little pressies… Whahahah!! I love this December!!!

Xmas shopping

December 11th, 2008 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

Well, although I am banned from shopping, but necessities still need to buy right?? Since I am banned and super broke, I can only afford cheap Xmas pressie…

And since I am buying for people, then I shouldn’t be so hard on myself right?? So, I also bought a Xmas pressie for myself!!!

A LTS comb!! Usually I don’t buy such stuff but I cannot resist it because of the crystal charm on it!!!

Cute right?? Anyway, I also not sure if it’s called a crystal charm but who cares?? I happy can already right?? Merry Xmas to myself!!!

LTS Car Decal~~

November 23rd, 2008 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

Always tried to brainwash my bf to paste LTS car decal on his car and his will be the 1st car with LTS car decal in SG!!! Of coz, I am joking… He and his friends will faint if I really do that.. Haha!!

Was at a car event today at Kallang and I saw this!!!!







Cute right?? But I think it doesn’t really stands out.. I would probably do more if it’s my car… But nevertheless, it’s still LTS!!! And I heard this was done recently only… Haiz… No chance to me to be the 1st le.. Sadz…

Now, here is something for Hello Kitty fanz…







Cute right?? Haha!!! That’s all folks!! :)

LTS from Japan!!!

November 18th, 2008 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

Just went Japan recently for a short trip and of coz, not forgetting to buy tonnes of LTS back… However, I was so disappointed because it was SO DIFFICULT TO FIND LTS THERE!!!

I went to a couple Sanrio shops but all i can is the latest LTS 2008 winter edition. Managed to buy all (or most) of the winter items. The other items are purchased from random shops and departmental store… ( But I still can’t find my LTS lighters… Sobz!!)

Hello kitty fans will definitely go crazy there coz hello kitty is everywhere!! The hello kitty items in japan are so much more beautiful and cute!! I went crazy over them too but I still love LTS more.. Hehez!!!

The weekend before the Japan trip was my bf’s birthday and I gave him a treat at the Ship Restaurant at Shaw Center.. (Cutting out all the other details…) Went into Lido for a walk and I suddenly remembered Starrfire7 telling me previously that there is a Sanrio counter in Isetan… So…. I don’t have to say much!! Shall post the photos of the items I bought and my bf bought for me below as well… (His birthday I also got pressie… Whahahaha!!!)
On my way home from work just now, I passed by a stationery shop and something caught my eyes…. Ta-dah!!!

I know it’s “fake” LTS but it’s just too cute… Something to cheer me up after a long day at work…


This was given to be by a friend who went KL/Malacca recently… Don’t ask me if it’s also “fake” coz i really don’t know and don’t care.. Haha!! Cute can le…

The items I bought at Lido Isetan… Although only a few items but not cheap.. sobz!!






My bf also very funny… I saw the cutting on their notice board and I find them very cute… In the end, my bf ask the staff to take it out and give it to me!!!


Funny right?? But ain’t they cute???

OK… Here comes my Japan purchase… They are not individually taken coz too many and no time…Took photos of them every night if I buy any LTS… Haha!!






That’s all my purchase and pressies for the month of November… OK.. Really enough of shopping le.. I am so so so broke now… And with my credit card to clear.. How to spend my Xmas?? Haiz…

Before I end my entry… Would like to show you all something…


You have any idea what is this?? Haha!!!

LTS Quest

October 27th, 2008 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

Went on a group quest together with Starrfire7, Ghost and Tidesong! We first met at Hougang Mall… Or rather, Starrfire7, Ghost and Tidesong met at Hougang mall for lunch. I met them up after lunch. After which, Tidesong led us to a shop near Hougang Plaza where they sells a lot of Sanrio stuff…

Found the shop and did a scanz… Nothing much that we can buy and they have more pirated LTS than originals.. Haha!! Quest completed! Tidesong has to leave us us she had something on. Thus, Starrfire7, Ghost and myself continued with our LTS quest…

Next destination, Liang Court! And these are the things I managed to collect…


Thanks Starfire7 for informing the store owner, Grace,  to keep a set for me… The tissue box and Lala head rest comes as a set while Kiki is sold separately… Hmm.. Duno why they wana separate Kiki and Lala… Bleah!!!

p1040361.JPG p1040367.JPG



Some HP/key chain accessories… I just love them so much!! There is another set but only Kiki is left… Don’t know why people buy 1 and not together.. How can they separately them!!! The last item is a new item released for LTS… Saw them on a webby recently and when I went to Sanrip shop last Sat, I did asked the staff if they have it for LTS as I saw Cinnamonroll’s but they not out yet… Here, I found it at Liang Court… These HP/key chain accessories are not cheap!!!


Japanese safety charm… New item released as well…

LTS Quest Part 2 completed!! Another $100 gone… We den head down to United Square and Novena square to check it out as new stocks are expecting to arrive in mid-end November…  Still not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing coz stocks are not in yet and we didn’t managed to get anything from the 2 stores…

Starrfire7 and Ghost did showed me a photo frame and it does looks nice… But it cost almost $60!! No way am I spend such money after spending $100… Whahahah!! So, quest still incomplete coz we didn’t get anything… I shall continue my quest in Japan coz I think they should have released new items soon… Now, it’s up to Starrfire7 and Ghost whether they wanna forfeit the quest or continue.. Hehez!!!

My budget for LTS is already over.. For the month of October and November…  My last shopping for LTS will be in Japan for their new release… After which, no more LTS probably till next year I hope… :)

*Twin Starrs* Guild

October 26th, 2008 by nimeesha:hellokitty.com.sg

Finally… After almost a week of not logging on to HKO due to poor health, heavy workload and OTs, managed to log in for an hour before going out today…

And the best part??? I was finally invited to join *Twin Starrs* guild and the guild master is no other than Starrfire7!!! Didn’t really play much but concentrating more on chatting and taking photos with all my new emos!!!














KAWAII-NE!!! Whahahah!!!!Going to bed le.. It’a already 6am in the morning!!! Hope I am able to go in-game to train tomorrow…

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