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Class Encounter, the BEST day!

Last Friday to Saturday, were the best days ever! It was our CLASS ENCOUNTER!!!! And, I mean, it was like the best day ever, in my WHOLE LIFE! ‘Cuz it was like a showbiz moment, ‘ya know? Like, the “SECRETS, REVEALED!” or something of that sort. Anyway, when one of our new students spoke up, she said that she actually liked our section! And all of us were like, so guilty because we’ve been like, backstabbing her because we thought she was weird. So, I guess that for me, sorry wasn’t enough for me to tell her. I really really wanted to make up for what I’ve done. I mean, she’s a new student, and feeling back stabbed by your new classmates is so so painful. And, I think I need to buy her something, just to make up for what I’ve done.

OKAY!, enough now with the really painful, hurtful and mean part. Now, onto the fun part… Um, first of all, I was glad that the whole section 3 was there at the class encounter, ‘cuz were like, ONE BIG FAMILY!!! I was also happy that we got to tell our real feelings to the whole class. And I guess that’s it.

I went to Newton Review Center for my H.E.R. (high school entrance review), I’m reviewing for the Philippine Science High School entrance test. Well, i think it’s pretty nice that I’d be taking it, for free tuition fee for my high school years, yet, still, I would really miss my friends, best friends teachers, and ASSUMPTION ANTIPOLO, a lot! I mean, I’ve been there, almost my whole life, and I can’t believe that **If I pass the PhiSci Entrance Exam** I will spend my high school years at a different school. And I guess a lot of you know that high school is a REALLY BIG part of our life, and I mean really big. So, PhiSci Entrance Exam, here I come! Please pray for me, Eljean, Jana, and Isa… We’ll all be taking the Entrance Exam.

Well, at first, I entered, got a bag, and a pencil case, and sat. I was moved in front and after a while, Jana came! I was super happy that one of my classmates would be my classmate in the Review Center. Oh well, here’s Newton’s website: www.newtonstudycenter.com

Goodnight everyone!,
nikkijaelhlim :-)

Picture-Taking… exciting!

Nikki here!,

Graduating year is just filled with lotsa events! Can’t wait… We’ll be having our Graduation picture taking tomorrow, and I’m excited! I’ll be having 2 8×10 pictures, one colored and black and white. And 40 wallet size 20 b/w and colored…

Hmm.. So many people who’ll be getting my wallet size! Wow, this is such a once in a lifetime event…!

After I get my photos, I’ll scan it then I’ll post it here, o.k.? So you can also see my grad pic. :-)


nikkijaelhlim. 07.10.09

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