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Where does your soul originated?
You come from the Night Sky. You’re drawn to the stars and planets, and it’s no wonder why, you came from them.

Final Fantasy Character Test

Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?

You’re the sad smile,the one that regrets nearly everything and is constantly wondering about what could have been.You’re not happy with your situation and usually blame yourself because of the bad things that have happened.Cheer up.
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You are a shoyru. You have great dreams and aspiration and can fly sky-high! You’re attractive and lovable!!
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 What is your mystical ability?

Your mystical power is…ASTRAL PROJECTION!!! You are able to travel anywhere in your mind. You are a dreamer and completely romantic. You want an angel for your love and castles in the sky. It is hard for you to live in the present, when all you want is to be anywhere else.
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  What Alice in Wonderland Character Are You?   

You are AliceThe heroine of the Wonderland tales, you are filled with curiosity and random inquiry.
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What High School Stereotype Are You?
 What kind of Unicorn are you? (With beautiful pictures)   

What Kind of SOUL do you posses? 

You have a Lost Soul. No one is really sure what that can always mean, because it can be defined in many ways. As Legend goes, lost souls were the spirits of passed away people who are neither in heaven nor hell. They walk the earth, brooding mysteriously, always appearing when you expect it least. So hence, if you have a Lost Soul, then you are probably very insecure and shy. Stuck in your own little box, you watch the world fly by as a loner. You dont know your place. You seemingly dont have a place in society or an interest. You are a very capricious person, and are confused and frustrated about where you belong. You crave for the sense and feeling of home-but have not obtained it yet.
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Rainbow Dash…….you love to tell stories of magic and adventure.
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  Who would you date from Sonic X? (girls only)  

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What type of food best reflects your personality?

your a tootsie pop! Why? your shy on the outside, but your true friends know how great you are underneath. you usually like things quiet, but you do know how to have a good time! stay sweet, tootise pop, inside and out!

You Are a Ham Sandwich

You are quiet, understated, and a great comfort to all of your friends.Over time, you have proven yourself as loyal and steadfast.And you are by no means boring. You do well in any situation - from fancy to laid back.Your best friend: The Turkey SandwichYour mortal enemy: The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What Kind of Sandwich Are You?

You Are 40% Normal

While some of your behavior is quite normal…Other things you do are downright strangeYou’ve got a little of your freak going onBut you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself

How Normal Are You?

You Are Intelligent

You are dignified, spiritual, and wise.Always unsatisfied, you constantly try to better yourself.You are also a seeker of knowledge and often buried in books.You tend to be philosophical, looking for the big picture in life.You dream of inner peace for yourself, your friends, and the world.A good friend, you always give of yourself first.

The World’s Shortest Personality Test

You Are 32% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

How Evil Are You?

You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things.Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.You’re an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

What Temperament Are You?

People Envy Your Ingenuity

You’re a person with unique ideas, big plans, and a zany outlook on life. Many people look to you for inspiration.People envy your creativity and “who cares?” attitude. They feel very ordinary next to you - and they usually are!

What Do People Envy About You?

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You Are 52% Shy

Although you live a pretty normal life, you tend to be a fairly shy person.Many situations make you feel uncomfortable, and you sometimes find your shyness hindering your life.You can survive daily life just fine, but you don’t go out of your way to be social.Watch out. You may end up missing out on some advantages that extroverted people have.

How Shy Are You?

You Are 76% Pure

Well, you’re not exactly an angel - but you’re pretty darn close.
You don’t have much of a naughty past… nothing all that scandalous anyway.
But there’s a good chance you have a couple juicy secrets deep in your closet!
You’ve had a couple wild adventures. And you probably keep the details to yourself.

How Pure Are You?

You Have Low Self Esteem 48% of the Time

While you sometimes feel good about yourself, you tend to struggle a little with self esteem issues.
It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about accepting your faults. You just need to be less critical and demanding of yourself!

How is Your Self Esteem?

You Are Wiley and Smart

You’re the type of person who can get out of any jam. You always have your wits about you.
Other people find you to be a little dangerous! They know what you’re capable of.You are always planning and scheming. You can’t help it - your mind never stops going.
You tend to outfox everyone standing in your way. You don’t like to play dirty, but you will if you have to.

The Baby Animal Test

Your Hands Say That You Are Logical

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.Idealistic and dreamy, you tend toward the impractical. You have a knack for getting yourself in sticky situations.Practical and down to earth, you’re a doer not a dreamer. You rather get something done than think about it all day.Your emotions tend to be well though out. You’re willing to wait out a bad situation, and you’re never too quick to act.

What Do Your Hands Say About You?

Your Sensuality Score is: 25%

You are somewhat sensual, but it’s likely that you aren’t in touch with all your senses.
You probably have a couple senses you enjoy - like touch and taste.If you were a little more sensual, you would enjoy life so much more.
Try to take time and indulge all your senses! Let yourself go a little.

How Sensual Are You?

Your Favorite Color is Purple

You are an original, creative, and unique person. You definitely do your own thing.
You’re known to be very independent. You never follow trends, and you’re very different from everyone else.You see the world with an open mind. You’re ready and able to be inspired by anything.
You’ve live an unconventional life, and you’re proud of it. You are tolerant of others, and you expect them to be tolerant of you.

What’s Your Favorite Color?

You Are Burger King

You are edgy, irreverent, and a risk taker. You enjoy anything that’s bold and brash.
You say whatever is on your mind, and you occasionally offend people… but mostly you just entertain them.You are very unique, and you don’t like following rules. You like to have things done your way.
And just because you do things your way, it doesn’t mean you’re stubborn. You’re the first person to experiment and mix things up a bit.

What Fast Food Restaurant Are You?

You Are Rocky Road Ice Cream

Unpredictable and wild, you know how to have fun.
You’re also a trendsetter who takes risks with new things.
You know about the latest and greatest - and may have invented it!You are most compatible with vanilla ice cream.

What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?

You Are a Hazelnut Brownie

You are a sophisticated person with worldly tastes. You demand more from a brownie than it just being a brownie.
Of all the types of brownies, you are the one who is the true foodie. You take food seriously.You would never settle for a brownie from a mix, and you like all of your food to have an unexpected twist.
You are bold and dramatic. It’s pretty much impossible for a brownie to be too chocolate-y for you.

What Kind of Brownie Are You?

You Are Dr. Pepper

You’re very unique and funky, yet you still have a bit of traditionalism to you.
People who like you think they have great taste… and they usually do.Your best soda match: Root BeerStay away from: 7 Up

What Kind of Soda Are You?

You Are Cold Apple Cider

You are a sweet optimist. You’re ready for fall well before it really gets underway, even if it means drinking cold cider.
You are both laid back and unconventional. You are ready and willing to try new things, even if they are a bit exotic and strange.You are highly independent, to the point of ignoring most trends and current events.
You are a bit of a do it yourself type, and you’re always honing your crafts. There’s some things you do the best, so why let anyone else try?

What Autumn Drink Are You?

You Are Dumplings

You are cute, polite, and considerate. You are well known for your generosity, and you truly love to share.You have a real style and presence about you. You know how to take the simplest thing and make it look chic.You tend to order carefully and conservatively off the menu of life. Simplicity is your motto, and you don’t like to take on too much at once.

You are the type of person who does one thing at a time, really immersing yourself in the moment. You detest multitasking.

What Kind of Chinese Food Are You?

You Are a Black and White Cookie

You’re often conflicted in life, and you feel pulled in two opposite directions.When you’re good, you’re sweet as sugar. And when you’re bad, you’re wicked!

What Kind of Cookie Are You?