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HTTYD Gummies :p

April 20th, 2010 by

Yeah, i’m kinda obsessed…but colorful dragon gummies are just what i was looking for an appetizer (ok made that out). I also got one of those free-gift chocolate figures even tought i don’t really like the taste; but hey i got a Groncle! lolz. I’m so saving the package for my…erhm…package collection.

Ahhh simple less-than-one-dollar pleasures in life….

Neohin’s review of: How to train your dragon (3D or not)

April 12th, 2010 by

I am considering to write a book. “Neohin’s guide for healthy and happy and intelligent living by Neohin herself”. One of the first things i should add on it would be “majorly when a movie is not heavily advertised, chances are is a good movie”.

What am i talking about? I just watched How to train your dragon and i must say, i am in AWE. That’s it, i’m not easy to please but the whole thing was just perfect. In fact i want my mother to watch it. She loves dragons but GOSH! she tought Eragon was cool (and it wasn’t) i was expecting something a little bit more kiddie/retardic, but those guys at Dreamworks surpased themselves…and oddly enough it has a very poor/random advertising method; the trailers are not very inviting and the posters are plain white and stuff. If you know what i mean.

Now onto the review:

When i watched Kung-Fu-Panda i found a nice movie: there was humor, action and some epic scenes everynow and then. It had everything i oftenly seek on a feature.  A well developed, balanced plot mixing elements for everyone: grown ups and kiddies alike. HTTYD didn’t let me down. There was something in the settings, on the music, on the animation that was different, that made a surprisingly good movie, something that amused, that mantained a whole room filled with different persons entertained and longing to see more.

Sometimes it was totally a teenage average drama. Sometimes they gave in a little bit of romance, humor and the most breathtaking flight scenes ever (i’d dare to say there were even better than Avatar) then they switched to epic battles and started over. Pure fantasy, bright and untamed. Was it the slightly folk metal-inspired soundtrack? or the lovable, easy-to-feel-identified-with characters? Never tought of it, but now i’d almost like to be a viking.

The end wasn’t exactly average (poor Hiccup) but we can’t complain about it. Those small sparkles of non-canon originality were the ones that kept making an another way easy to-guess storyline exciting and fresh afterall.

The character design was pretty interesting, considering the dragons looked straight out of a illustrated children’s book. Not very realistic, but new. Hiccup reminded me several times of Arthur (from Shrek the third) mixed with a little bit “shota” factor, you know…for the fangirls (like, being smaller , thinner and more erm… “rapeable” than  virtually anyone including Astrid)  Toothless seems like a darker, more mature and wise version of Stitch, who cares? it was an awesome cast.

One of the things i think i like about dreamworks is they don’t care too much about their “appeareance” as much as Disney does. They do fat characters, they do weird characters, they do gross things, they do funny things, the characters are not truly perfect. etc etc.  Have that in mind. Sometimes perfect is not forcefully entertaining.

Hmm just so you know i had a fight with my dad while talking about it back home.I’m pretty sure flying isn’t as dreamy as the movies depict it. I mean…it must be like some sort of mix between “falling” and “riding a horse” (two things most people is scared of) but oh well…i’m a realist, shame on me. There’s only one sad thing about this movie: once it gets out of the cinemas it’s charm will be incredibly reduced. Dragons on small tv format. How unepic is that? :(

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