Somewhere far and beyond
-Because i have the time-

Who’s Neohin?


-The average closet freak-

In simple words a pony lover, carebear activist, sex maniac, sanrio fan,anime connoissuer, sticker and stationery and character goods addict, self proclaimed bentoist, experimental cook, photographer n00b, closet dominatrix, fashion student, natural ranter, seamstress apprentice, angsty loner, wannabe artist, moral disaster, misunderstood writer , occasional daydreamer, anti-hero and antagonist, tender pervert…

Here in Mexico i live with my family. I am very fond of  crabs and axolotls, and almost every small little critter which i can pet except most insects (butterflies, dragonflies, snails are welcomed :3) in my ideal world everyone would be happy and there would be no war, no religious conflicts and no marital problems, everyone would respect animals and nature and people who do wrong would be killed in public. Most of the time i can be found creating stories of adventure and fantasy, dreaming of faraway places and most weird stuff, cooking, trying to sew or doing homework. 

Let’s be friends :)