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-Because i have the time-

Mr. Chocola Reeve Rabbity Tidus

Our newest pet. I wanted to name it “Hartia” but oh well, since originally it’s my sister’s (a friend gave it to her) i’m glad i could call at least call him Tidus. Spends more time with me, whatsoever.

He’s very stupid, cute and cuddly but sorta dumb. If you want a clever pet o have a dog, or a cat…still a rabbit’s nice since you don’t have to walk him and he doesn’t…erhm…get as messy as much as a larger pet would.

Now if there’s something i’ve learned is rabbits are very cute, but not caring at all. They don’t seem to crave for any human company: they just eat, bounce, run and sometimes they bite you (when not used to you) that’s so sad because if they were a little more lovable they’ll be the greatest: compact and fluffy, easy to mantain and cute…but we can’t have it all can we?

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