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Rice holidayzz

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I know holiday season is over but things happen when you get bored, like i bought one of those sets for making crispy rice holiday houses hence the result. It was yummy, but i only managed to make one since my sister and i kept eating the sweets.

Happy belated xmas and new year to all!

Neohin’s toughts on: Avatar

Monday, December 28th, 2009


Okay, i wasn’t on the premiere. If there’s something abnormally wrong with me is i don’t like going to the movies. Period. First you’re locked in the same room with a bunch of people, second is too expensive (popcorn should be called cashcorn nowadays) third, everyone laughs if something stupid happens or whistles or shouts and that’s pretty annoying.

So if you’re going to be my next boyfriendbe sure to remember i’m the kind of gal who’s most likely to go and rent a movie, buy a decent bag of popcorn for an equally decent amount of cash and enjoy the privacy any home teather can afford these days.

Now off to Avatar, the movie everyone is so fond about.  The “movie of the year”. I liked it a lot…and i’m sure it will be granted with many awards next 2010 (James Cameron is a real goer with that kind of stuff afterall)  but somehow deep inside me there’s this feeling i’ve been cheated once again.

For those who haven’t seen it imagine Disney’s Pocahontas mixed with some Final  Fantasy VII add dinosaurs and you’ll be just fine or you can equally imagine Nightcrawler having an affair with Leon-O. The story is not that complicated and not that imaginative. Every overused plot gets instantly chilled and ready to serve when you add robots and giant reptiles. Be sure to remember.

When the movie started my heart was pouncing fast since the trailer i previously saw on youtube was very, very, very promising. I was instantly dragged into an alien world detailed and beautiful and wild…but after some minutes i got kinda dissappointed. The graphics were cool but they couldn’t possibly hide a poor storyline.

I had already seen that story…more than once.Maybe not in 3D maybe not with blue furries (i’m sure every anthro/cat/tiger/feline lover was delighted) maybe not with string thongs. But certainly it wasn’t very original. The only cool stuff i found was the neuronal link with another body…but then i recalled a series named “Kong” or something like that back on the 80’s which had the same “remote control” idea.

Guy with tragic past–>mission–>meets native girl/finds a place where he “belongs”–>fights his original group/race

What could possibly go wrong with that kind of story? at least is easy to understand. And with millions wasted on the effects nobody will notice…yeah sure.

 My last words on it are very clear: go see it. Is a very swell movie. I went i watched i had fun….but i won’t buy it on dvd and i can’t understand why people is so amazed with it. Personally expected more on both the plot and emotional charge (at least Last Samurai made me cry). Cameron, i think you’re forgetting that something with no plot can’t be fully covered by technology. Why do you think Charles Chaplin is still renowned and admired if his movies are silent?