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The Zeta project addicted *q*

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYS!!!I can’t believe is finally here, safe in my hands and all out of danger, ready to be along with my *personal* collection over the shelve <3

Now if you are a TZP fan i really really encourage you to buy it since it has this cool “The making of ” video with sketches and interviews with Robert Goodman and the voice actors, i mean…i’ve been fangirling since i opened the package.Priceless.

If you’re not familiar with The Zeta Project all i can tell you is one of the most amazing 90′-00’s cartoons ever, or at least one of my favest. Remember the time when western cartoons were cool to watch early on saturday mornings? Warner Bros made such good stuff at that time…The plot? kinda predictable: a rebel robot who was programmed as a government agent sent to kill bad guys named Zeta (Zee for friends, haven’t i mentioned his cool “superpowers” including the ability to become anyone he wants with the help of this hologram thingy?) , then his conscience evolves and runs away trying not to kill anyone, and then he meets this cool sidekick Ro Rowen and they go along trying to find Zeta’s creator and Ro’s family. Ever since i’ve placed the disc on my player i’ve been hyper just because of this. The dialogues are brilliant, the characters are lovable, the thing goes fast, action-packaged…i could speak over and over at how cool this is, but duh, there’s no use.

Another cult series that wasn’t a comercial success but somehow i like and i think i’ll always love.

You know…i’ve been thinking i’m truly a weirdo because i have likes none seems to share and i find things that most people are fond of utterly annoying or stupid…that’s good i think, for at least i know there’s few people as insane as me…but the problem is i feel rather alone most of the time :P you know…nobody to fangirl with.

 Batman Beyond? yup, there are some crossovers since they were created by the same guy. Duh. I think i like more how they look on “Gotham style”

Now i’ve spotted some minor yet strange points on this series. It takes place in the future but cellphones doesn’t seem to exist…or guess they don’t need them since everything seems to have internet. Then…cd’s exist (when in reality usbs had been taken the lead), there’s still toilet paper… But still i’d like to think the near future will somehow be similar. Is not like a heavy sci-fi movie but more realistic, nothing that couldn’t be seen in the streets in 20 years or so.

Anyway i LOOOVE the voice-over work, is amazing! i know Zeta is supposed to be a hunk on his “human” form, but more than his appeareance i’d totally dig him because of the voice <3 so soothing and warm…

My favest chapter till now? Episode 4 “Change of Heart” of course. Little Zee is sooo cuteee >3

 Bucky kinda reminds me of a classmate i had in junior high…rather annoying i must say.

 The feds. If  West wasn’t so dumb i’ll probably fangirl him too…

Anyway, i can’t just wait to see if season 2 is being released too. I like better the designs on the first one, but the animation is way nicer. I still think Ro’s amazing. Wish i could be as cool as her :p