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The easiest Mousse recipe, EVER

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

 The word “Mousse” might scare you if you don’t consider yourself a cooking genious, but fear not coz this is the easiest recipe you’ll ever find on the internet. (If not, i’ll give you a kiss :D

So, if you need a quick, light dessert just keep reading. This is one result of my frecuent kitchen experiments.


1 pack of FLAVORED gelatin (whichever flavor you want, only make sure is the type you need to prepare with milk)

1/2 cup natural yogurth

1 1/2 Cup milk

1/2  Cream cheese bar

Prepare the gelatin as the package says  (if you’d like it to be more light flavored use more milk  or add less gelatin powder without exaggerating) don’t bring it to boil. Add the yogurth and cream cheese and mix well until completely blended. Bring the mixture to the liquidizer or blender (if you have one) and let it mix for about one minute untill you see foam rising on the surface. (the more foam the better)

 Pour in cups and refrigerate. That’s it.

The new generation has arrived :(

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

And now, for another really bad news… 

When i first heard they were going to revamp My little ponies once again i was literally shocked.

I mean, how could they? in order to avoid long explanations just look at this picture: (taken from  several places including ebay, doesn’t belong to me)

I don’t know people but i see absolutely nothing wrong with g3 ponies.They has nice body proportionsand still resembled a horse.

Now onto the new line of ponies… If i could describe them in two words  it so would be “freakin ugly”….i mean, i am a pony lover since the late 80’s but Hasbro went too far this time; It is amazing that nobody on or so has complained about the new design, when they literally made Hasbro retrieve g2 which was far better in my opinion; at least they looked refined.

I wonder if i’ll ever buy a pony again in the next 7 years or so until they decide to make them uglier….