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Disney Starlight Figures

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Talking about exclusive collectibles :O  who wouldn’t like to have one of these little wonders right next the tv?

If you ask me, i’m veeeeery fond of how Maleficent and The Queen turned out, shame on me for being poor.

Pino’s Birthday!

Sunday, July 12th, 2009


I can’t believe something this old remains soooo great! Pinocchio is one of my favest stories ever, all multiple animated versions and the book (even tought i personally prefer the animated things for i find the book really nonsense) Who doesn’t love Disney’s Pinocchio anyway? he’s so cute <3

I guess these kind of things are destined to be forever young, and i’m glad of it. I sooo want a Pino doll right now! or a small Jiminy figure…

Now i understand why most christians don’t like it. There are several things in these kind of movies that utterly “defy” christian religion, like a puppet being  “awaken” by a fairy, lying, transformations…but c’mon, what would movie industry (or any kind of industry at all) would be without that little “magic” touch? Besides, Pino proves to be good and true at the end, and so he earns the reward to become human…isn’t quite a “reward” we all hope for if we are good on earth? Besides, this movie is so well made! i think i’ll never be able to watch that scene with the donkeys without being disturbed…

Oh well, happy 70’s anniversary Pino! :3 i love u