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Sunday Social (07)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday Social!

This week is a little different because I’m using Ellery’s question - I think is just such a cool question! (Please visit her very interesting blog and leave a comment to let her know you stopped by!)

How to play: Tag 3 blog friends and the answer to this week’s question/s on your blog and remember to let your friends know you tagged them so they can play too!

Dont forgetThis Week’s Question: (Thanks Ellery!)

    What would you do if you shrunk to just 1 inch tall?

My answers:
I’d not go to work anymore because I’d be too small and I’d probably not need to work because I’d eat so little and could live in my best friend’s shirt pocket! Haha…

I could go everywhere with my friend and give advice and have fun and keep my friend company all the time :)

I’d have a little trouble blogging though! Perhaps I could use the iPod touch barefoot and jump from letter to letter on the touch screen to type my blogs! haha…

Wow, come to think about it, it could be really fun being so small!!

What would you do??

Here is my list of 3 SanrioTown blogs for this week:

  1. Ellery’s #1 Tween Blog - besides the cool question she came up with, she has photos, stories of life, her dogs, school and more!
  2. Kerropi - now this is a new blog so please head over and give her a big warm SanrioTown welcome! Kerropi’s been a good friend to me in game (HKO) and a great email buddy!
  3. Inked Diary Inspirations - this is a very inspirational and positive blog, pictures and poems to encourage you - love it!

103×66bjpg.gifThere you go! Now it’s your turn….

Answer the question, tag 3 friends and let them know so they can play too! Then come back here and comment below so other participants can come visit your blog too! ;) Yay to making new blog friends!!

12 Responses to “Sunday Social (07)”

  1. kerropi Says:

    Hi. How can I tag friends?? Plus your blog is cool!!! p.s.: you are a great help and a great friend in hko. :D

  2. Says:

    Hey nemo, sorry I keep forgetting to comment in your blog with the links to my posts o_o Anyway, here’s the latest one

  3. Says:

    Hey ladies! Thanks for playing :)
    No worries Lolliepopsie!! ;)
    Kerropi, you just link to their blog that’s how you tag.
    To get the link for a blog just right click on the blog’s title at the top of the page and select copy location or copy link and then you can paste it into your blog post!
    If you need more detailed explanation send me an email ;)

  4. Says:

    done with the meme!! ^-^
    Thanks for another week!!

  5. Says:

    I did it a bit later but I got it! *pant, pant* :)

  6. Says:

    thank you nemo!!!

  7. Says:

    r you a pancake bandit 2?? - kerropi

  8. Says:

    Yes! I’m a Pancake Bandit ;)

  9. Says:

    Thank u SO much!

  10. Says:

    We have a super super late last week’s Sunday Social Meme. Sorry been super busy. here’s the link :

  11. Says:

    Ok. So here it is. this is my first time, and I am pretty sure that I am bloggin very late for this sunday social meme. xD But anyways here it is:

  12. Says:

    Wow! Great to see so many people taking part!! :D
    No worries if you’re late… it’s all good fun! ;)

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