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My First Bento Lunch Box, Joy!

I’m so excited!! Recently I was introduced into the world of Bento and have been addicted to it ever since.

For those who, like me a few weeks ago, don’t know what Bento is, it’s a Japanese style lunch box and so much more! I love how the portions are limited by divisions and mini containers encouraging a diverse and therefore balanced meal. The main tool necessary for Bento lunches is of course the bento box and I’ve bought my first one this week! Isn’t it adorable?

They come in all sizes and shapes and styles to match one’s personal character or mood. There are some very elegant bento boxes and some very playful bento boxes too… stackable layers make them compact and portable, perfect for taking to work for luch or to the park for a picnic!

I’ve written more about my new box at and there are more cute photos too!

6 Responses to “My First Bento Lunch Box, Joy!”

  1. Says:

    Woow so cute ^-^ Hope you have fun trying to make delicious creations for your bento box

  2. Rosie Says:

    I want one ^_^ it’s just so cute

  3. Says:

    aww so cute!! I need to get one!! ^-^

  4. Says:

    Aw thanks everybody! Glad you like it :)
    It’s so cute, I just think about it all the time… LOL… I know, I’m addicted!

  5. Says:

    Hi! thanks for commenting on my blog :) I added you~

  6. Says:

    I really wish I had one :P

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