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working progress …

well, it’s been a while since my last update, but times have been rough and work has been hard.

I am glad to say that I am working on another version of a series of cover art for the comic!!

here is a sneak peek at my progress ….

sneak peek

links to the BLOG

well I was working on my MySpace page and made some links for this BLOG and decided to share them with you all  ^^v

the character in the link buttoms is Chopi, one of my characters from another one of my mangas Cherry Snow

unlike A Dream of Wings, Cherry Snow is a magic based manga of mine.
I tend to go more for the love story in manga more than anything so I write and draw all kinds of styles. I have to date four main mangas which I am working on.

[x] A Dream of Wings
[x] Cherry Snow
[x] Love Scar
[x] Dark Towers
I have countless other ideas whitch only have a few sketches to go with the main storyline of the manga. One of my favorite things is just coming up with the ideas, then I tend to sketch a pic or two. Every once in a while I come up with one which I really like then I end up expanding on the idea, and then - a manga is born ^^v

Dark Towers was my very first, back in 1999.  I only have about 12 pages of that one completed.  The entire story is done though so I can always go back to it.

happy new year

well I hope everyone had a wonderful new years.  I hope that this year will be the year I get my comic off and going.

I have so many other comics that I have worked on over the years but I really want A Dream of Wings to be the first published.

I thought I’d share some of my other works with you all today ^^v

these are my fanworks

real people

cover sketch

okay, here’s a vid of the rough sketch for the cover art

sketch of Ocean

okay, this is a better quality tape, but the sketch wasn’t that great

here is a rough sketch secion of Ocean

free sketch of Apple

okay, this is very poor quality but give me a break, it’s my first attempt at video taping my sketching  ^^v

here is a rough sketch secion of Apple

the actual sketch

a little joke …

here’s a little joke for the holidays from my fave show from BBC, the Vicar of Dibley

for some more humor watch a few more of the ending jokes from the show

the comic

I have just added a section with pages dedicated to my comic, A Dream of Wings

most of this section will only be open to my friends.  here you will be able to watch the progress of the birth of my comic

a sweet dream of nothing …

have you ever felt like you are stuck between a dream and reality?

haha - that’s my whole life

I’ve made it throught the last 28 years of my life by just coasting.  Now I finally have something to work for.  I am finishing up my comic book and trying to get it published.

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