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My cat plush’s name! Ta dah!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Well, I figured I’d name my cat plush ‘Wheat’. It is the colour of wheat, after all.
It is a friendly, gentle name which reminds me of bread and the fact that city life would in many ways not be possible without country life. I know it seems a heavy way to name a plush, thinking about those things. But I live thoughtfully. So that’s that.
It would be nice to be more carefree but I am not made that way. I will be carefree at times, but I will have to make that choice carefully. So I guess that may defeat the purpose of being carefree.
Anyway, I am learning to accept myself properly. This is not like merely conceding my own weaknesses grudgingly; but instead letting them wash over me like waves crash against rocks on the seashore. The main difference being that I will not be worn down. I will instead be allowing the weaknesses to exist for they are a part of me. I am going to let them flow and not try so hard to avoid them or stop them. I will grow stronger and be able to defeat my weaknesses one day, All of my life until now I have felt desperate, as if trying to stop waves with my bare hands, and always upset and frustrated when I mess up. Failure is the only option in this case. A mortal cannot defeat the ocean alone!
But now I can release myself from that burden. Thank you God!
Now all I have to do is try to relax more.
… how can I do that…? I will have to think about it.


Oh man! You have to see this cat blog!

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Haha it’s called ‘Meow’s Ville’ and it’s about this cat called Meow, and he’s a Sphynx (so-called hairless) cat. I watched the mini-vids of him in the bath and it was amazingly amusing! He is a sweetie!
My sister used to bring her cat in the bath and shower and he seemed to like it. He was a champagne/white ginger type.
Anyway, I used to put my pet rats in the bath every few days. They disliked it, but only because the were lazy and didn’t want to swim.
I knew they weren’t afraid because when they were afraid of something, they would hide or run away or just hunch up and shiver. But for baths, they liked it for about 5 minutes and then suddenly would get bored and want out.
Well, my flatmate and I said, ‘No way! You fatty ratties have to swim a bit more before we let you out!’ So we would put a toy in for them to rest on and then make them swim around a few times before we let them out. It was fun for us, but they didn’t like it much. If I had been able to keep them longer, I think they would have grown accustomed to it.
They also liked to go for walks in the hood of my sweatshirt. But they were lazy and wouldn’t walk themselves in the garden on the leashes we made for them. So again we had to try and make them walk a little each day. They were store-bought rats, so I suppose they weren’t used to working hard. I liked walking with them in my hoodie… Moon-white Millie with her glowing ruby eyes and soft-brown Sylvie with her dark mulberry-black eyes.
I remember once, a lady saw Millie pop her little white head out of my hood and look around, and the woman was upset and commented that it was disgusting.
I was angry and commented that I cleaned her every day and that she was probably cleaner than any dog! But people think rat=filth and disease. That is not true!!!! They did poo on me at first but once they got used to me (and it was quickly, too) they did not do that anymore. If I can find pics of the girls, I will put them up.
The only reason I would not have rats again is because their claws would scratch my neck when they burrowed into my collar to sleep in the warm. I couldn’t clip their claws because they got distressed, and made me worried I would hurt them. I can’t afford vet bills to clip them once a fortnight, either.
Anyway, check out this cat blog, Meow’s Ville!

Yao as a kitten.

Monday, August 23rd, 2010




OOOOHHHHH mannnnn he is so CUUUTTEEEE!!!! XD He is like a professional! Sometimes… Usually he just bites me. Is that professional? Maybe.

Atsuko Matano stuff

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Oh wow, guess what? There is a Japanese designer called Atsuko Matano and I got a plush cat made by them really cheap. It still had the label on so I looked it up online. This brand is quite famous to my surprise! My cat plush looks like this beige cat here:matano2.jpg
Here is a link to a cute blog and web shop. This may be an official site for this designer but I am not sure. I wish I could go to their shop, which I think is in Tokyo.
Matano designs feature quirky scenes or colours, and cats or animals with round large eyes. My cat has a bobble or puff on the end of his tail which seems to be a trademark sometimes used by this brand.
This place, saffronBLeu, also stocks Matano products. They list Atsuko Matano as a popular brand along with Anna Sui, and Burberry among others. Some of the different Matano designs are very cute, all different vibrant colours and mostly seeming to use cats. I like the Plump Cat range that is new. Atsuko Matano seems to produce household products such as towels or tableware. Check out this bunny picture! I got it from a link above. mata2.jpg
I really like my plushie because he is not like a child’s toy, he sits up well and he is a pleasing honey-wheat colour, and is made from terry cloth I think.
Anyway, if I had a credit card and money to spend, I would get more products because I really like the gentle feeling that AM products generate. Also, their stuff is quite cheap.
One last thing! Rakuten lists this cat plush and I want it!!!!! X3
asobo2.jpg CUUUTTTEEE!!!!! See the bobble on it’s tail? The words below it say ‘nuigurumi asobo’ which means ‘let’s play with the stuffed animal’ XD so sweet. I think this one is posable. Even better! I still love my one though.
Hey, let’s have a competition! Whoever actually wants to or notices, can post a name suggestion for him! So if you have any name ideas for my plushie, please post.


Thursday, July 29th, 2010

SPCA in New Zealand on their Facebook page posted this cute cupcake photo for a competition fundraiser they were doing. I had to show you.
Isn’t it cute? They have a Cupcake Day.
And so important to support them in their goal of protecting and finding homes for animals.
They also had this picture of flower dogs!
Anyway please support animal protection societies!
This is the Facebook page for their petfood range in New Zealand.

Cute! A Zonkey! Or Zedonk…

Thursday, July 29th, 2010
Check this out. The picture is so cute, I will post it below.
Image is copyright to the original photographer, possb Gainsville Times?

Dogs Painted like Tiger and Pandas!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Oh my gosh check this out!
SO CUTE!!!! X3
I copied two photos to put here. Images copyright to Getty images.


‘Pet lovers have been treated to a bizarre pageant of painted dogs at a new animal park in central China.
Four chow chow dogs done up as pandas and a golden retriever dyed as a Siberian tiger drew large crowds at the opening of the new pet park at Dahe Mincui Park in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.
But what seemed like just another craze in professional pet grooming also raised awareness of China’s endangered wildlife.’


New Chibimaru animation

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Ok I just put this animation of Chibimaru together as well, and I had to post it.
It is so cute! All images copyright to Sanrio.

Animals discovered in New Guinea

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I saw these amazing animals on a news website.
There is a frog with a long dangly nose! I like the colourful pigeon best.

These images are from National Geographic.
Apparently these and some other beasts of varying kinds have been newly discovered on the island of New Guinea within Indonesian territory.
At first I thought they had reported wrong because I thought they referred to Papua New Guinea. But New Guinea is a different place to Papua New Guinea as I have just learned.
And who says you don’t learn a new thing every day, huh?
I think all these names are lazy. New Zealand? Really, Abel Tasman? NEW Zealand, after the original Zeeland in the Netherlands. You couldn’t think of a better name? Ah well. And what about New York and New England? Settlers are so unoriginal.

Cat Cafes and Kaoanis!

Friday, May 14th, 2010

I thought it would be cool if Japan had Cat Cafes as well as Bunny Cafes and it seems that they do! To see one, go here to the English website. I think you can change it to Japanese too.
To relax by stroking a cat, so enjoyable!
I love cats. =^.^=
I found out about this idea from a news website.
Ah I wish I could work there.
Imagine if you had a Pet Cafe! Fishtanks on the walls, and you can pet kittens or puppies or bunnies! I would love that! It would be difficult to keep it clean and tidy but I am a cleaner so I could manage. I wish we could have this in New Zealand.
Hey I found this new cute place see the link below.
They have the cutest animated faces gifs (that’s what anikaos/kaoanis means). I think a lot of people have probably been there but I hadn’t yet. It’s good!
Cute!!!! X3
Thanks to Harrietoc in her Kaoani blog for this link below:
This is a great collection of Kaoanis, some of which are on other sites.
Thanks to all the great makers and collectors!