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About Me! X3

Well, this is a section about me.
I am a searcher. I like to look for knowledge. It’s like treasure hunting.
I cannot give it up, I am addicted. I am not too curious about most things…
But some things I simply cannot let go.
Anyway, I also love to read.
Stories are my life, and have been since I was a child.
So then, my three year Bachelor of Theology was hard for me to complete because of the dry fare it provided! Thankfully, I was able to take a lot of non-Theological papers to ease my stress. The truth is, I loved it. I miss it now.
Academic writing is harder to read but full of fibre! It’s like bran cereal while stories are like chocolate rice puffs!
I do think of what I read (and sometimes what I hear (music) or see (movies etc) also) as food for me, because some writing styles taste bad for me in my brain somehow. Some writing styles can make me feel actually ill and almost throw up!
So I have to be careful what I read or listen to or watch. This is probably because I have Aspergers Syndrome. I am high functioning which means most people would not notice I have Aspergers. I seem like people who are ‘normal’ ( ‘Neuro-Typical’). I seem like a NeurTyp but am not. Definitely not! It would be nice to be NT. But since I am not, at least I can try to enjoy life.