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I really like tea, I just never thought about it very much.
Lately I have been reading the Laura Childs ‘Tea Shop Mystery’ series. It drove home to me how much I like reading about tea. I want to work in a tea shop also. But not one like Theodosia’s where there’s food as well. More like a real tea shop that only deals with tea.
Anyway, I applied to a shop (the only one I know of atm) and no reply yet. Wondering if I should contact the manager and ask if they got my C.V.
Ah well I will contact her soon.
No need to rush things.
I currently like Jasmine green looseleaf best, and then looseleaf black spiced aka Chai. We call it Chai in my country but the problem is that some other countries have a word for tea which is Cha or Chai. So they get confused. That’s why we should just call it ’spiced ‘.
The Jasmine one I drink is very refreshing and needs no sugar or anything except hot water. I like it because it is less bitter than some other green teas I have tried before.
Have a relaxing day…
Relax, yo!

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