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Wow I’m tired but manga review!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

The Bride of Ardarshan (Adarushan no Hanayome) is a great little two volume manga I read recently, and it is really good. The main character is dim but likeable. His brother is surprisingly complex and the bride (as titled) is really sweet and more complete a character than many I have seen. It is a collaboration by Kei Amekawa, Nori Kazato, and Sae Momoki. I think this could explain the good character development. I have found that in general, compilation efforts are good.
I will give it a 6 (nobody ever gets a 7 I think) because they did their best but the art was not too distinctive. It was all very pleasant though, I will enjoy reading it again. The brevity helped a lot. The dialogue was good too. It seemed a lot like an rpg at certain points but this was probably deliberate.
My fave character is in fact the main guy, the brother of the king. I really liked him.
My fave female … they were all good I suppose. But it was really about the guys in this story, so many good male characters. All Bishonen as usual, but that is beside the point. Most stories have lotsa Bishies. Ok so I liked the plot, I liked the development of the characters and how it wasn’t a serious loli-fest or anything. Also the snow story was really cute. No ecchi, thank God. Also did not rush things or so a sequel when she gets older… which I was kinda surprised at but also pleased.
Ok that about wraps it up, thanks everyone, you’ve been great!
Btw I hated One Piece so I didn’t want to read it but I got bored so am reading it after all. The back stories of Usopp and then Nami and then Chopper all touched my heart, esp Chopper… I love him so much! Not too interested in Sanji, Princess Vivi, Luffy or Zoro’s stories. But I will say my fave character over-all is Chopper and then Zoro and then I guess everyone else. I’m kinda intrigued by Nico Robin’s character. Hate the fighting and stuff (it’s kinda dull… no much skill involved at all, even with Zoro) but like the diff countries they go to. I also like Su the kumo-kitsune. SO CUTE! Almost as cute as Chopper. Right, gonna keep reading, my friend says it just gets better. I hope so cause the fighting is dull.
Saw this at a forum, had to put it up here LOL
oh yeah! X3 Hilarious!
Bye everyone!

Gaming update

Monday, October 18th, 2010

I hurt my back last month and it is still not the same, getting better or worse whenever it seems to feel like it.
But because of that I was able to almost finish Pokemon SoulSilver.
I love my DS Lite… no DSi for me! The DS Lite is wayyyy cuter and more compact.
If I want to record sounds or take photos I have a digital camera. Gaming is gaming! Consoles are consoles! General technology is still too immature (?) to combine everything satisfactorily for me.
I have beaten 15 out of 16 gyms and still have to beat my rival, Blue, Giovanni and Red. And maybe Steven Stone? As well as rematch all the gym leaders. I’m slowly collecting phone numbers. I’m getting bored now tho.
Beaten the Elite Four 2x already and it’s dull.
I have the National Dex… nearly got all the Pokemon I can get in game… gotten most of the Sinnoh and Hoenn Pokemon from the game which are easily available with the radio broadcast, got almost all of the Unown, beaten all but two or three records for Pokeathlon.
So borrreeeddddd…
I loved doing contests in Ruby… I wanna buy Emerald.
But the gaming store guy said it’s way old now… which sux because I loved it and I think that’s the first in the Pokemon series I ever fully clocked. I can’t remember what happened to my original Ruby game… (sobs quietly)
Also digging for treasure was fun. I haven’t hardly got to mid-way in my Diamond game, maybe I should go back to that for a while.
Maybe I will… but I kinda wanna finish SoulSilver first. I think I kinda burnt myself out playing it. I spent a lot of hours every day playing for a while there.
I have a lot of watts on the Pokewalker too. I pretty much still take that with me whenever I go out. I average about 10,000 steps a day. So I am slowly unlocking new places.
Anyway I will put up my main Pokemon for SoulSilver.
This is Kermit, my starter. I kinda neglected him a bit but now I’m training him up again.
This is Aurora, my Dragonite. I am quite fond of her. I think I got her from the pokewalker and trained her up.
This is Lotte (after the company, yes) my first hatchling. I kept her in the team because I taught her Flash… and plus she’s pretty strong anyway. She’s kinda my wild card.
This is Gladys, one of my faves. I have had her since she was a Mareep…
My favourite, my Ninetails, Liulfr (means ‘wolf’ in Old Nordic language I think) I should have named him Kon-kon which would be really kinda funny. Kon-kon! hahaha! Anyway, yeah he’s the best!
I always get a Kadabra if I can. But what I love in Soulsilver is that your Abra floats around after you when you walk, it is the cutest thing ever! I kinda didn’t want to evolve him for that, but that’s unfair on him, so I reluctantly allowed him to evolve. His name is …Morpheus. lol I had forgotten… had to look him up in the menu! But yeah he’s a good guy.
Last but not least is my Haunter, Gemima. I like her, I always used to dislike the Ghost types but Misdreavous (spelt wrong maybe?) is real cute, I wanna get one soon. I keep forgetting to go catch one. Anyway yeah I used to dislike Ghost types but Gemima is so useful! And they aren’t too bad after all.

Oh, just to mention my Eevee, Wesley. I am nuts about Eevees… I wanted to get another one at the game corner in Celadon. But I will not be able to get enough coins for a long time and they don’t have the coin and money conversion in the English Soulsilver, only in the Japanese version apparently, WHICH SUCKS!!!!!
Cutie boy… *sigh!* If I could have a Pokemon in the real world and only one, it would always be Eevee…
So that’s my main Pokemon, I have a Rapidash I love too but can’t be bothered telling you about her. I also have a Lickytung and a Gloom and a Wobuffet who are useful in exploring but bored now so bye!

My cat plush’s name! Ta dah!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Well, I figured I’d name my cat plush ‘Wheat’. It is the colour of wheat, after all.
It is a friendly, gentle name which reminds me of bread and the fact that city life would in many ways not be possible without country life. I know it seems a heavy way to name a plush, thinking about those things. But I live thoughtfully. So that’s that.
It would be nice to be more carefree but I am not made that way. I will be carefree at times, but I will have to make that choice carefully. So I guess that may defeat the purpose of being carefree.
Anyway, I am learning to accept myself properly. This is not like merely conceding my own weaknesses grudgingly; but instead letting them wash over me like waves crash against rocks on the seashore. The main difference being that I will not be worn down. I will instead be allowing the weaknesses to exist for they are a part of me. I am going to let them flow and not try so hard to avoid them or stop them. I will grow stronger and be able to defeat my weaknesses one day, All of my life until now I have felt desperate, as if trying to stop waves with my bare hands, and always upset and frustrated when I mess up. Failure is the only option in this case. A mortal cannot defeat the ocean alone!
But now I can release myself from that burden. Thank you God!
Now all I have to do is try to relax more.
… how can I do that…? I will have to think about it.



Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I really like tea, I just never thought about it very much.
Lately I have been reading the Laura Childs ‘Tea Shop Mystery’ series. It drove home to me how much I like reading about tea. I want to work in a tea shop also. But not one like Theodosia’s where there’s food as well. More like a real tea shop that only deals with tea.
Anyway, I applied to a shop (the only one I know of atm) and no reply yet. Wondering if I should contact the manager and ask if they got my C.V.
Ah well I will contact her soon.
No need to rush things.
I currently like Jasmine green looseleaf best, and then looseleaf black spiced aka Chai. We call it Chai in my country but the problem is that some other countries have a word for tea which is Cha or Chai. So they get confused. That’s why we should just call it ’spiced ‘.
The Jasmine one I drink is very refreshing and needs no sugar or anything except hot water. I like it because it is less bitter than some other green teas I have tried before.
Have a relaxing day…
Relax, yo!