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Manga Reviews

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Well I’ve been reading Sketchbook.
I really like it.
Also, Chii’s Sweet Home which is so cute.
Chikyuu Misaki is really good but a bit perverse. I just can’t get past the original art style. So good!
Can’t be bothered colouring words or giving ratings etc atm.

Oh man! You have to see this cat blog!

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Haha it’s called ‘Meow’s Ville’ and it’s about this cat called Meow, and he’s a Sphynx (so-called hairless) cat. I watched the mini-vids of him in the bath and it was amazingly amusing! He is a sweetie!
My sister used to bring her cat in the bath and shower and he seemed to like it. He was a champagne/white ginger type.
Anyway, I used to put my pet rats in the bath every few days. They disliked it, but only because the were lazy and didn’t want to swim.
I knew they weren’t afraid because when they were afraid of something, they would hide or run away or just hunch up and shiver. But for baths, they liked it for about 5 minutes and then suddenly would get bored and want out.
Well, my flatmate and I said, ‘No way! You fatty ratties have to swim a bit more before we let you out!’ So we would put a toy in for them to rest on and then make them swim around a few times before we let them out. It was fun for us, but they didn’t like it much. If I had been able to keep them longer, I think they would have grown accustomed to it.
They also liked to go for walks in the hood of my sweatshirt. But they were lazy and wouldn’t walk themselves in the garden on the leashes we made for them. So again we had to try and make them walk a little each day. They were store-bought rats, so I suppose they weren’t used to working hard. I liked walking with them in my hoodie… Moon-white Millie with her glowing ruby eyes and soft-brown Sylvie with her dark mulberry-black eyes.
I remember once, a lady saw Millie pop her little white head out of my hood and look around, and the woman was upset and commented that it was disgusting.
I was angry and commented that I cleaned her every day and that she was probably cleaner than any dog! But people think rat=filth and disease. That is not true!!!! They did poo on me at first but once they got used to me (and it was quickly, too) they did not do that anymore. If I can find pics of the girls, I will put them up.
The only reason I would not have rats again is because their claws would scratch my neck when they burrowed into my collar to sleep in the warm. I couldn’t clip their claws because they got distressed, and made me worried I would hurt them. I can’t afford vet bills to clip them once a fortnight, either.
Anyway, check out this cat blog, Meow’s Ville!

Tsuzuki wa Mata Ashita

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

This manga is sweet, a nice little slice ‘o life manga. A family who recently lost their mother meets their new neighbours but something about them all reminds them of her. It’s kind of funny, a bit wry at times, and bittersweet. All in all, much better fare than some of the junk out there. I have only read the first three chapters but I like it already. I give it 5 stars because the art is a little unpolished, although that is probably deliberate to fit with the feel they wanted to go for.
You should read this, it’s cute. I like the world the mangaka is depicting. It reminds me of this world but it’s a little softer.

Manga Reviews 3

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Before I forget, I read all of Hana Yori Dango because it was so popular a while ago and it seems to have kind of set a standard. Or maybe it is just a perfect embodiment of teen shoujo manga. Anyway I liked the art, but disliked the boys except Rui. Even Rui was hard to like at times. I liked the ending, and I found myself liking Tsubaki the most, more than Tsukasa (her brother, a main boy), or the main character girl. I forgot most of their names, because they were unlikable.
It is a classic, so I will give it 5 stars out of 7. I disliked how the main character started strong but got weaker as the story continued, and became a pointless foil for other characters to use as part of the storyline. I also disliked the art style. But that is my taste. The art was still good quality. In fact, it is an example of classic shoujo artwork from the past, imho. I liked a side-story with the main character’s best friend, even though it was ridiculously sentimental and then became a ‘pity/one-time, friend’s-only sex’ relationship.
I disliked a recent take-off of this manga called Red Lion. It was a cross between Hana Yori Dango and a bit of Midori Days (the main character promises not to fight despite a great talent for it) but the art was not good enough, it just didn’t have ‘IT’, whatever ‘IT’ is. Please do not tell me that ‘IT’ stands for ‘Internet Technique’ or ‘Information Technology’. Lol @ Yomi and Chiyo-chan! I started off liking it but it became clique and I recognised a tired storyline almost immediately. I really liked the main character but I disliked the main boy/s and the mangaka made them too weird and effeminate.
There was also one called FLCL, I disliked how it was hard to understand and too vicious. Liked the art though. The dialogue was too abrupt and cynical. And not even in a ‘like-real-life’ way… But I found myself drawn to continue reading despite my incomprehension. 3 stars, for it’s quality gleams through the fog of nonsense.
I read a manga one-shot (I think) called ‘Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut’ which was great. The art was good but the characters were made to look a little too cutsey and had startlingly doll-like eyes. I liked it anyway, because it is obviously meant to be a spin-off from the game. I love RPGs. Japan does ‘em best! I give it 6 stars because I really found myself liking all of the characters, even the obnoxious main guy, who is apparently not the main character in the game. The art was quite delicious, really. I liked the meganekko… (^_^)
Oh yeah, I also read ‘Petite Princess Yushi’ which is based on a game also. It was cute but in the end I was disappointed at the main character’s art (too cute and a stupid aho-ge) and the cliffhanger sort of end, which means: ‘Play the game, guys! Find out if she achieves her dream!’ Meh. Still, cute though. 3 stars for cuteness and clean lines.
Worst manga I have ever read yet:
Gangster Hero. ARGH! Art is awful and hairstyles really odd, like odder than Son Goku! Tries too hard to be stylish and cool and tough but just comes off as stupid and pointless. Both main female and male characters are highly dislikable (Is that English? Oh well) The art certainly meets the minimum requirement but the mangaka has awful taste in face design and hairstyle.
Adding to all of this is the bad scanlation… I wish I didn’t have to say it but it is not proper English, half of it is so obtuse! If it is correct translation, I am amazed the manga sold at all. The dialogue is awful.
So I give it 2 stars because the general art is good. And I never want to fail a manga, but if I did, this would fail! This manga - if the dialogue were fixed, would also be too much like reality! Cheap lifestyles, relationships that lack warmth or any type of actual affection or friendship, casual sex, thuggery, cruelty and bullying. I really hate that world. Why would I want to drag myself through it in a manga?

Ok ok enough for now. I will probably colour some text later.
:) Don’t hate me for my taste, btw.
Arguments in favour of certain manga are always welcome. No abuse, please.

Sunbright Express Gold Ticket

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Well, I tried hard to participate in the HKO ‘Welcome Back Week‘ thing. So I got the Sunbright Express Gold Ticket! I could never afford to buy it… I’m happy but it is only for 12 days use, and I don’t know if I want to use it yet.
Well, I will just try. Anyway it’s late so I guess I will use it tomorrow.