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List of fave villains and heroes

Well my manga exploits remind me of how I wanted to list my favourite villains.
I will make it top 10 otherwise I will take too long to decide.
Then I better put my top 10 heroes as well, I suppose.
1 is most fave, 10 is fave but least out of the 10. You get it. Actually a lot of them are tied ’cause I can’t choose, but whatever. They are all fictional…*sigh* well, maybe that is safer for all of us. This list and the other may be subject to change.

1. Darth Vader from Star Wars
2. Queen Nehelenia from BSSM
3. Zagato from MKR
4. The Goblin King Jareth from The Labrinth
5. Magneto from the X-Men universe
6. The Scarecrow from the Batman universe (scariest, not favourite really…)
7. Catwoman from the Batman universe (so cool!)
8. General Nakago from Fushigi Yuugi (tortured villains are always cool)
9. Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender (was a great villain, better than his crazy sister, that’s for sure)
10. Edea Kramer from FFVIII (was a really good villainess until she became her normal harmless self again)

Honourable mention: Captain James Hook from ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’.
Real good villain. I liked him rather a lot. Also the Wicked Witch of the West in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, quite memorable.

1. Batman (best detective ever!)
2. Sailor Moon (shut up! she’s awesome!) and co
3. Obi-Wan Kenobi (and Yoda and Luke, Han and Leia etc but Obi-Wan is the coolest of them all)
4. Wolverine (ALWAYS cool)
5. Wesley from The Princess Bride (love that actor!)
6. Aragorn/Strider from LOTR (in the book he’s cooler)
7. Hancock from the movie of the same name (so funny!)
8. Harry Potter (is cool, again, shut up!)
9. Peter Pan was really quite a good hero (in the book)
10. Robin Hood and co

Honourable mention: Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and King Arthur and co. All good. Always better in the book I have found.

Well, that was kinda lame. And there’s lots of heroes who are cooler than villains so I could go on listing my fave heroes (usually in manga…) but this was meant to be about the villains.
There are also characters who are neither heroes nor villains in the classic style, such as the Moomins (Tove Janssen) but are well worth a mention. Anyway…

Villains are only cool for me if they are not real. When they are real I cannot see their good points, only how despicable they are. Like dictators and despots, madmen who incite their country to genocide, greedy grasping fat-cats who live off of other’s suffering. Cruel beautiful people, or cruel ugly people. Landlords and bosses who are unfair; soldiers, warlords and bounty hunters who kill and steal and torture. None of them are worthy of any list of mine.
They should all be made to realise how they have made others suffer. They should pay back what they have taken. Maybe they never could even in their whole remaining lifetime.
Let’s not talk about the filth of reality in this world! The internet has evolved into a form of escapism from that, right? Let’s escape into manga again. Stories are what make life interesting and bearable. I love stories, but I need them to have a happy ending precisely because real life stories barely ever do. I don’t like sad stories. Too much like reality.

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