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At the moment I’m watching season one of Pokemon (US) and also reading rather a lot of manga simultaneously.
Manga I have read recently: (CAUTION: SPOILERS!)

Ouran High School Host Club (unfinished) Rating: ****** out of 7 stars. Love the characters, don’t like the short stories not connected to the Host Club. Otherwise, love it. I also liked how the main characters are slowly changing for the better. Some stories, the people never seem to change or worse, their quirks become exaggerated to the point of the ridiculous.
My faves are Haruhi and Suoh. But I like all of them, except I guess the twins are too abrasive for me at times.

Death Note (finished) Rating: **** out of 7 stars. Dull after a while. Not enough brilliance shown by Light despite great promise shown at first. Predictable ending. However L was delightful and his end was a shock.

Koukou Debut (not finished yet) Rating: *** so far. Cliques abound and the artwork is sometimes just not good enough. But still enjoyable for the minor characters e.g. Fumi-kun. Man, I would marry him…

XXXholic (unfinished) Rating: ***** out of 7 stars. Loved it but it scared the heck outta me at times. I am interested in Youkai so this manga intrigued me. I also love CLAMP. It is hard to predict what will happen although with the customers usually if you assume that the worst will happen, you’re mostly right. I think I really like the minor characters in this one, the pipe fox spirit and the kitsune cart family and the usagi pipe cleaner merchant. I also liked the rain spirit girl. I didn’t give this one a higher rating simply because I get scared or melancholy at some of the stories. Also, I do not understand the morality of some of the characters because I am not Japanese and I am a Christian. But on the other hand I am learning some things from this manga.

Bleach (unfinished) Rating: **** out of 7 stars. A bit dull, reminds me of DBZ. I wish they’d do more with the minor characters but to be fair, the writer is really good at bringing in new people as he goes along. So a minor character can become important later. Maybe he is over-reaching himself? I do like it despite it’s fan service and bad language. I tell you what, I miss Kon. I have a toy of Kon, that my friend got me from Hong Kong. Kon is the best! Despite his stereotypical personality. I guess my faves are… you know what? I like most of the captains and most of Ichigo’s friends, and his family. I like most of them but I will say I have a soft spot for Renji, Urahara, Yoruichi and also for Ulquiorra and Grimmjow. Argh I love Orihime as well! Ok fine, I also like Uryuu. Enough listing of who is awesome from Bleach, since I like almost everyone.

Naruto (unfinished) Rating: ***** out of 7 stars. Really good art and character development. Not read enough of it to see if I like it but still v good. I have seen most of the anime and enjoyed it.

Kirakira Hikare (finished) Rating: ***** out of 7 stars. Liked it a lot, so much that I read it again. Too short and a bit clique but a really charming little one-shot. The art is also charming. I like the main character although she really is a clique.

Sketchbook (unfinished) Rating: **** out of 7 stars. I like it but it is hard to understand at times, being so random. Also I don’t like their stereotype of the foreigner. It was going for a whimsical feel but came off more as pointless and odd at times. I will try to finish it but it still seems like there are too many volumes.
I dislike the main character. She is beyond spacey. I do like most of the other characters in the art club though.

Azumanga Daioh (unfinished) Rating: ****** out of 7 stars. Probably my highest rating yet! I loved the anime (I own it) and this manga is very good. I love all of the characters, even Kimura-sensei. Haha! And Tadakichi-san is still charming, even when I can’t hear him woof.

School Rumble (unfinished) Do not really like, might not bother with. Rating: *** out of 7 simply for the clearly defined art style. Don’t like anyone in it much, not endearing or original.

I can’t remember the titles of the rest, will post some other time I suppose.


Thanks to (I think )a Deviant Art person for this cute kaoani above. I don’t know who, it might be their name in the title of the kaoani. If it wasn’t Deviant Art it must have been a random message board.

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  1. Says:

    Great reviews, if u like PKMN U should read PKMN Adventures/Special (if u have not)

  2. Says:

    Um well I have read three diff Pokemon manga by two diff artists. I prefer Mato’s art to Toshiro Ono’s stuff. But I like both Ono’s and Kusaka’s writing. Let’s face it, any creative Pokemon plotlines that are still true to the game are good in my book. I disapprove of the anime’s liberties with Pokemon battles (stuff that simply wouldn’t work in the game) but otherwise I like the anime.

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