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Purin and Farmville!

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

This is my farm on Farmville when I planted cupcake seeds and they look so good!
Also on HKO I found Purin’s house and inside his cafe! So cute!
I never saw his parents before.

Dogs Painted like Tiger and Pandas!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Oh my gosh check this out!
SO CUTE!!!! X3
I copied two photos to put here. Images copyright to Getty images.


‘Pet lovers have been treated to a bizarre pageant of painted dogs at a new animal park in central China.
Four chow chow dogs done up as pandas and a golden retriever dyed as a Siberian tiger drew large crowds at the opening of the new pet park at Dahe Mincui Park in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.
But what seemed like just another craze in professional pet grooming also raised awareness of China’s endangered wildlife.’


Need icons? Need Pandapple?

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

well, if you do need icons, you can go to and get some. They had some for Pandapple that I just got. It is free to join, I think. Speaking of Pandapple, here are some pics of him and his friend Imomushi the caterpillar. I think that is the name of his friend, anyway. Hehe sorry if I’m wrong.



Thanks to everyone on Facebook and Flickr and any other places who uploaded these pics of him.



Btw, I want the plush toy of him…so cute!!! X3


Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Pancakes… aka hotcakes.
(Image from
They have come up on blogs from totally different hosts twice this week. I really like making pikelet style pancakes. I call them hotcakes or pancakes, but really they are giant pikelets. I don’t know if anyone knows what pikelets are but they are a Kiwi/New Zealand thing. Ladies make them and scones and we eat them with butter, jam or honey and sometimes cream. You could eat them with anything you like really, even cheese? You can eat them plain if you make them sweet (which I do because jam is bad for my teeth). They are basically mini-pancakes but thicker batter, almost like waffle batter. They are just mini-hotcakes I guess.
I wondered what makes pikelets and pancakes different.
My friend seems to use a similar recipe to me but she makes it thinner, the batter, that is. But wouldn’t that make crepes? I’m not sure but I think she also puts golden syrup in the actual batter. She uses a lot of butter to fry them in. I use a non-stick frypan and no oil or butter. They are soft, firm yet puffy, mildly sweet and golden-brown! I like them non-oily. I think that’s why I don’t usually like pancakes when other people make them.
I will post my pancake recipe that I made up, and then you can make them too.

I use (roughly because I don’t measure properly all the time)
Aprox: 2 cups self raising flour (I hate trying to get plain flour to rise satisfactorily with baking powder)
One cup of white sugar
1 egg (I don’t like any eggy taste so minimise my use of eggs)
1 cup of milk, then add as I want to adjust the thickness of the batter
To mix things up a little, you can add ginger or cinnamon (or both) to your batter, 1 table spoon will add flavour.
You could even put in chocolate chips or fruit, like blueberries.

I myself prefer to keep them plain and you can add other stuff on top later.
It really is cheap and easy to make these. I guess they are my comfort food.
If you have a non-stick pan or wok, use it to spoon/pour a small amount of the batter onto it and watch it carefully. When bubbles show in the batter, you can turn it over. It should turn over easily. I use a flat plastic slotted spatula to turn it.
Don’t use metal things on a non-stick pan, it scratches it.
This all may seem very obvious to some people but other people often seem to do some of the stuff I have mentioned. People aren’t stupid, but I think that most people do not stop to consider these days, so they act rashly and then regret it later.
So there we go. I hope someone can have fun making these pikelet thingies. It really is cheap and nice to eat. They look tidy and brown too. If you watch them and are careful, they can look good and not burn.

Also (Subject change!BRINGGG!)I saw this entry on a nice American lady’s blog, about Mother’s Day. I like to blog trawl lately. This one has nice photos of cake and marzipan animals. In New Zealand our bakeries generally aren’t as good as the ones I see photos of. But they are cheap (usually) and you can find good quality food sometimes if you search around. Like the one near my house that has really nice Samosas. I love vegetarian Samosas…Ah…

Anyway here is the link to the Mother’s Day cake blog entry.

Brisbane at night

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

This is such a pretty photo that my friend put on Facebook. I just had to post it on my blog. I hope he doesn’t mind. I don’t think he will care… Guys never seem to care about this kind of thing.
Anyway this is Brisbane at night. I am not sure if it has been photoshopped. Probably not though.
Pretty, huh?
This baby seal is like, ‘I wanna swim in that pretty sea!’ Well, you can’t kid, cause of sharks!