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I really like cute manga! :3

These are my fave manga.
Kitchen Princess, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, Ah Megami-sama!, Cyber Idol Mink, I like Alita from Battle Angel but not the other art as much. I also like Tokyo Mew Mew’s art, and also Bleach’s character art, Naruto’s art a bit too (love the more minor characters!). I like Rumiko Takahashi’s art style, and CLAMP’s diff styles. Ouran High School Host Club is good and also I like Omukae Desu, and The World God Only Knows. It is so incisive! Otamega!!!! LOL. Oh yeah I love Strawberry Marshmallow and I kind of like ‘Girl Got Game’ aka Power! (I think that’s it’s name). I think the artist who is the best to my eyes is Slam Dunk and Vagabond’s artist, Inoue Takehiko. He is brilliant. I also liked the way the author of ‘What’s Michael?‘ could capture face and eye shapes. But I don’t remember that person’s name…
The truth is, most manga is too dull with good drawings but lousy character direction or design. It’s all looks and no substance these days.
The most interesting manga I have read lately is XXXHolic (although the art style is not my fave). Tsubasa I don’t even care for much, except to squeal when I recognise a CLAMP character cameo. But I am interested in folktales, belief and superstition. The existence of youkai is an interesting topic. I recently looked at a book on youkai. I think every race have their own explanations for things like sounds and night and so on. In my opinion, there are three main categories of youkai, or supernatural creatures/things. The first is to explain things we cannot (or could not in the past) explain by natural means (i.e. a stained ceiling in your house). The second is for amusement (i.e. fairytales and ghost stories) or to frighten/caution children. The third is because people look to interact with the supernatural and so they devise little rituals and beliefs for themselves to try to control the uncontrollable (i.e. knocking on wood, or crossing yourself, even getting a horoscope reading to try to see your future). These beliefs quickly become traditional and culturally entertwined, so that it is hard to change them or get rid of them. I really enjoy thinking about these ideas.
Religion and magic are actually both the result of the human need for belief in something outside of the race of mortals. We need to believe in something else, something mysterious.
Oh yeah. I also like Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. And GT, I guess.

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