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More fave websites

Oh this cat is so cute! I read the book that came out recently. It is just so amusing and this cat is much like my cat. This cat has Youtube videos too. These images are copyright to Simon Tofield, 2010.

Email:,,, and also has mail.

Manga: and

Games: I like to play Wonderland Online at the moment. I miss playing Angels Online, and I also played Nostale but I wasn’t good at that one. The truth is, I prefer cuter games like the ones I mentioned.
I have also played MU online, and it was fun.
These are all free to play and download etc.
I also like to play at
Facebook and Bebo have some game applications which are fun too.

For images and wallpapers etc, I like and
For cute pets, and I used to go to.

Blogs:, (with google mail) and of course!

Other websites I like to use are and to get information.

These all may seem like obvious websites but to some who don’t know them, it could be useful. I hope this helps somebody out there!

I used to go to to get cute fonts but I haven’t been there so I don’t know if they are still extant.

For anime stuff, (or maybe .net) used to be good. Streaming anime, just search on google, I guess.

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  1. Says:

    Simon’s Cat looks so awesome & cute. ^-^
    thanks so much for the sharing the site. =]

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