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Nanao’s Blog Awards

Kuchiki Rukia’s Blog Feature

August 23, 2007 - Nanao’s Research was featured in Kuchiki Rukia’s Blog, one of the administrator’s in Sanriotown. The image from the article “Bleach: Kuchiki Rukia” was featured and track backed.

Blogger’s Choice Awards for Best Pop Culture Blog

August 6, 2007 - Nanao’s Research has been nominated and added into the list of Blogger’s Choice Awards for Best Pop Culture Blog as well as other categories. Voting for the nomination is still on going and your support is gratefully appreciated!

Blog All Stars Member

image July 25, 2007 - Nanao’s Research became part of Sanriotown’s Blog Hall of Fame, Blog All Stars, featuring the images of Cosplayers Kinomoto Sakura and Vincent Valentine.

Further information on the feature can be found in Blog All Stars‘ article, “Nanao’s Research“.