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Yami No Matsuei: Kurosaki Hisoka

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

yami no matsuei cosplay - kurosaki hisokaThe 16-year-old Shinigami who is Tsuzuki’s current partner, Hisoka possesses strong empathy which allows him to feel and see the thoughts and memories of others, even pick up imprints of clairvoyance off inanimate objects. He is much weaker compared to his partner, but he is a capable detective and clever in subterfuge. Chief Konoe has also trained him in basic ofuda and defensive magic.

Poor child… I would write about his history, but it’s a bit on the gruesome side. Really great job on this! I only wish they had finished the manga so we know how the story ended.

Yami No Matsuei: Tsuzuki Asato

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

A shinigami who has a voracious appetite for sweets, Tsuzuki is one of the most cheerful member of the Shokan Division who has a dark past no one speaks of.

yami no matsuei cosplay - tsuzuki asato

When he was human, he was suicidal. No one knows the exact reason why, but it was recorded by Muraki’s grandfather that he survived without food and water. Even deadly wounds were not enough to kill him, until he finally succumbed 8 years later.

Beautiful cosplay. It makes me wonder what happened to him in the end since the manga was never finished. Anyone have any clue why that is?

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Yami no Matsuei: Kazutaka Muraki

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

yami no matsuei cosplay / descendants of darkness cosplay - kazutaka muraki

Yami no Matsuei or the Descendants of Darkness’ main antagonist, Kazutaka Muraki is a brilliant doctor who laments over losing the lives of his patients… as a cover to the fact that he’s actually a psychotic serial killer who plays with spirits, curses, and the dead.

Do you realize now why I’m so fascinated with him?

And what a brilliant photo this is! With the roses, it looks like he is meeting with Tsuzuki, his “prey”. I love the hair and his trench coat too! Fantastic cosplay!