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The World Ends With You: Kariya Koki

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

the world ends with you cosplay - kariya kokiOne of the most formidable reapers in game, Koki, who is better known as “Lollipop” is a lid-back Reaper who enjoys being out and about in Shibuya. He even turned down his promotion to become an officer because he feels that looking important all day is a boring life.

Pretty impressive cosplaying, even though he’s not holding a lollipop. Did you know that in the official TWEWY manga, they revealed that what most people think is a lollipop is actually bean paste on a stick? Fans are a little confused with this because Square Enix’s website had a Reaper Quiz that mentions bean paste is Kariya’s favorite lollipop flavor.

Either way, he’s still one of the most awesome characters in the game. Nice cosplaying to boot!

The World Ends With You: Shiki Misaki

Monday, April 13th, 2009

the world ends with you cosplay - shiki misaki The seemingly happy-go-lucky partner of Neku, Shiki loves to show a positive attitude towards others in order to hide her own feelings of inferiority. She loves fashion and design, and she is very good in sewing… so much that she sews her own clothes!

You might recognize this cosplayer. I featured her some time ago as Sakura from Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle. Lil Krn Yuna also makes a convincing Shiki, don’t you think?

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Holy Week got me pretty busy again, but I’ve been receiving a lot of contributors lately. Look forward to more cosplays soon!

The World Ends With You: Joshua

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

the world ends with you cosplay - joshua aka kiryu yoshiyaWARNING: This review may contain game spoilers. Please do not read the article if you prefer to finish the game and find out the ending yourself.

Joshua, who’s real name is Kiryu Yoshiya partners with Neku on the second part of the game. Unbeknownst to Neku, however, is that Joshua is actually an illegal player of the game.

He is actually Neku’s killer, and even worse, the Composer of the Reaper’s Game.

Not a lot of people can cosplay Joshua well, but this cosplayer really captured his character. I think the background was deleted to focus on the cosplayer, but I think that “acceptable photoshoping”, am I right?

The World Ends With You: Hanekoma Sanae

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

the world ends with you cosplay - hanekoma sanaeThe owner of the Shibuya Cafe Shop in The World Ends With You, little is known about Hanekoma Sanae. He is known to help Neku and Joshua several times in the game, but no one knows how or where he gets his information.

That is, of course, until you reach the end of the game.

I’ve yet to finish this game, since I’m still hunting for more pins to use. I gotta say though, this cosplay is really impressive. He really reminds me of the character. Great job! And thanks to crashwire for sharing the photo!

The World Ends With You: Sakuraba Neku

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

the world ends with you cosplay - sakuraba neku

From one of the popular games in NDS, “The World Ends With You” comes Sakuraba Neku. He is a quiet boy who prefers to listen to his music than interact with other people. But Neku is no ordinary teenage boy, he has a strong imagination that allows him to use “psychic pins”.

The picture is a little over-exposed, but it’s convincingly Neku. I love the hair and the headphones..! No wonder his nickname is “Phones”. Good job!