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The King of Fighters ‘95: Yagami Iori

Monday, May 18th, 2009

the king of fighters '95 cosplay - yagami ioriThe heir of the Yagami Clan and rival of Kusanagi Kyo, Iori wields pyrokinetic powers and is a berserker due to the Orochi demon blood running through his veins. His ancestors helped seal the Orochi Demon along with the Kusanagi and Yata clans. However, the Yagami clan betrayed the Kusanagis, and ended up being cursed the the Orochi. As a result, the Yagami clan have demonic powers that cause them to die at a young age.

Quite impressive. I think this photo has been around the internet for a while. I remember seeing it several years ago, but never found it again until now. Great work!