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Tenjou Tenge: Natsume Maya 03

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

tenjou tenge cosplay - natsume maya

The third challenger of the Natsume Maya cosplay! I believe she wins hands down… But I’m not really one to judge, since I have no idea whether or not Maya actually appeared in an outfit such as this…

Makes me think of Kill Bill or Charlie’s Angels for some reason…

Anyway, you guys be the judge who looks most like Maya. This is where you’ll find the first cosplayer and here is where you’ll find the second.

Tenjou Tenge: Natsume Maya 02

Friday, November 16th, 2007

tenjou tenge cosplay - natsume maya 02 High demand for Natsume Maya cosplay these days… I wonder why..?

I can’t understand what the hype about her is, but that’s probably because I’ve never seen Tenjou Tenge before… Heck, I would have never known who Nagi Souichirou or where he was from if my friend had not told me who that guy was cosplaying…

…ok, ok, I admit it… I have a couple of pictures of Japanese and Asian cosplaying guys in my hard-drive whom I totally don’t know and my only reason for keeping them is because they are cute! I am a girl after all! But I usually let the guys drool in this cosplay blog anyway…

Aren’t you glad?

So here’s Natsume Maya in her school uniform. Isn’t it an awesome cosplay? Love the lighting on this picture… Very impressive!

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Tenjou Tenge - Natsume Maya

Friday, November 9th, 2007

tenjou tenge cosplay - natsume mayaA girl, Natsume Maya, who seeks revenge on her own ex-boyfriend, Takayanagi Mitsuomi, due to the death of her older brother, Natsume Shin…

Add to that the ability of the girl to control her body by shrinking it to appear like an 8-year-old…

All the elements of the makings of a really good anime!

I adjusted the brightness of this image from the original picture because it was a bit too dark. You will be redirected to the original look once you click on the image.

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Tenjou Tenge: Nagi Souichirou

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

tenjou tenge cosplay - nagi souichirouNagi Souichirou, the bully of the anime Tenjou Tenge, who fights without honor. In spite of that, he still draws the line when it comes to hitting women. Ironically, he doesn’t believe that fighting can solve anything. After he enrolls in Todo Academy, he realizes how weak he really is, and decides to train with Natsume Maya.

This is probably the first time I saw a cosplay that’s prettier than the anime character. Though I’m not entirely sure about Tenjou Tenge, the character outline for Souichirou seems to be very interesting indeed.

Great job with this cosplay! I think I can safely say that guys can do cosplay as well as the girls can, with this picture as proof.