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Rozen Maiden Träumend: Barasuishou 02

Friday, March 13th, 2009

rozen maiden träumend cosplay - barasuishou 02

The doll who’s appearance commenced the "true" beginning of the Alice Game, Barasuishou is an imitation of the 7th Rozen Maiden Doll, Kirakishou, created by Enju, Rozen’s jealous apprentice. Her eyepatch is said to seal her emotions as she is speculated to be quite insane.

Sadly, despite winning against the 6 rozen maidens, Barasuishou’s body could not handle the Rosa Mystica and her body crumbled to pieces.

Pretty cosplayer! She definitely does Barasuishou justice. And did you know that Barasuishou is actually an anime exclusive character?

Rozen Maiden Träumend: Kanaria

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

rozen maiden träumend cosplay - kanaria

An adorable doll with an eccentric personality, Kanaria constantly speaks in third person and loves plotting on how she will get her sisters’ Rosae Mystica, but she has yet to succeed. She is the second Rozen Maiden doll, and uses a little violin as her weapon of choice. She also has the tendency of ending her sentences with "kashira" meaning "I wonder" or "maybe"

Really cute cosplay! I found this in HongCH, the photographer’s blog. He has a ton of excellent pictures there that deals with more than just cosplay images. Thanks for sharing this, Hong!

Rozen Maiden Träumend: Barasuishou and Kirakishou

Monday, March 10th, 2008

rozen maiden Träumend cosplay - barasuishou and kirakishou The fake and the real Rozen Maiden… The girl with the siver hair and purple dress is Barasuishou, an apprentice’s attempt to surpass his Master’s work, namely the seventh Rozen Maiden, Kirakishou.

Unfortunately, the anime doesn’t reveal much about the Kirakishou. Rozen Maiden Träumend focused more on the apprentice, and sadly, even though Barasuishou was able to attain all the Rosae Mysticae, her body could not contain them. She died in her “father’s” arms, the apprentice of the Master known as Enju.

Beautiful cosplay and a brilliant shot! Thanks to Project GEOFRONT 9 for sharing the image!