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Rival Schools: "Zaki" - Himezaki Aoi

Friday, August 10th, 2007

rival schools cosplay - himezaki aoi zaki A classic game from a classic console, the Sony Play Station days brings back great memories.

This game has been discontinued I believe… Rival Schools is a typical Capcom Fighting game, with cool characters and a lot of interesting story lines for each character.

Zaki is from the school called Seijyun Jyogakun. She is one of Kazama Akira’s friends and when strange occurences began happening to their school (and most importanly, Akira’s brother Daigo), they decided to investigate. Akira first thought that Zaki’s famous gang known as the “Ladies’ Team” might help them in their investigation, but the due to the attacks to their school by Daigo’s Gang, they had to defend Seijyun Jyogaku instead.

Although she is a gangster, Zaki once belonged to the Flower Arrangement Club and the Tea Ceremony Club. I suppose this is what gives this character such an appeal to cosplayers. She’s a strong girl, who doesn’t loose herself in battle.

Lovely cosplay on this one… Even though her hair should be all red instead of black and red. I’d much rather have black and red hair than sticky all red hair. (Some temporary hair colors do that).