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Qing Guo Yuan Ling: Li Ying

Monday, November 10th, 2008

unknown cosplay 017 - traditional chinese girl

So I’m guessing this would be an easy guess for those who can read Chinese… Or maybe the title’s Japanese? But I’m pretty sure those are Chinese characters on the upper left.

I thought this is from Saiunkoku Monogotari or Fuushigi Yuugi, being that the costume looks like the traditional Chinese dress, but I can’t be sure now.

Thoughts? Wild Guesses? Translations maybe?

EDIT: Thanks to Xrys for translating! This is 李盈 Li Ying, or 广玉公主 Princess Guang Yu from Qing Guo Yuan Ling 傾國怨伶! Here is a copy of Xrys’ comment:

xrys Said:
November 20th, 2008 at 4:13 am

if you are asking about the manga character = 大唐定国 广玉公主 李盈, her name is 李盈 Li Ying, 广玉公主 Princess Guang Yu (her special princess title,kind of symbolise jade) of 大唐定国 Tangs (some made-up country)

She’s the reincarnation of the only female God Hua-Zheng(婳铮), she was killed at 16 in the family power-struggle and her vengeful soul is suppressed by a mirror. Years later her tomb was disturbed. It is already the time of the next found reincarnation Yong-Qian(咏倩).

It’s also kind of a conspiracy (LOL). The main God Shang-Xuan(尚轩) loves Hua-Zheng(婳铮) deeply and searches for her in her reincarnations in an attempt to resurrect her to her former status. But the reincarnations do live their own life, and in the case of Li-Ying(李盈) Yong-Qian(咏倩) meeting in the same dimension means one of them have to die, and they will vanish when Hua-Zheng(婳铮) is revived.

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